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Cards have been an exciting way of entertainment all around world for ages. One of the primary reasons why it never goes out of fashion is that the cards are extremely versatile. You can make up as many games as you can think about. If you feel like it is a bit troublesome to make up all the rules then you can consider some of the card games that have already been made up by players like you. We will offer some of the funniest and the most popular ones below. They are nothing like overused traditional games, but can still be played with the same card deck, you will not need to find or buy anything new and different.

Ace of Spades

Let us start with possibly the simplest game of cards ever known under the name “Ace of Spades”. It can be played among as many players as there are cards in the deck. Start out by shuffling and cutting the deck. Choose who starts the game and that player should turn over the top card. Then he/she should give the deck to the player to the left who must repeat the action. One who draws Ace of Spades is the winner of the game. It is really simple, is not it? In order to make the game more exciting you can set a small prize for the winner.

Blind Man’s Switch

This game is all about making decisions and holding on to the highest card in the deck (in this case king, as ace is the lowest). The dealer should give each player 4 cards; however, players are only allowed to hold the first card and the rest go face down so that the players do not see them. Starting with the one on the left from the dealer, each player should decide whether to keep their first card or to swap it for one of the other 3 cards. Once all players have done this, they should turn over their final cards and the highest number wins. The thrill of the game is to watch the players struggle on their decisions of whether to risk and change the card or not.


The last but not least game we recommend is Epsom – a game for two. Before moving on to the game you have to take out 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s from the deck. The cards A, K, Q and J, also known as horses, should be laid on the table. Players receive 30 counters on the start and should place one on each horse at the start of each round. Twelve cards are dealt to both players and one of them leads the lowest card of one of his suits. The subsequent cards are played according to upward sequence in the same suit and not in turn. Once players reach a card that none of them has or an ace it is a “stop”. The turn goes to the player who had the highest card and plays the lowest card of another suit. The player who plays one of the horses collects all the counters on that card. The player who is out of the counters loses the game.

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