The three most underestimated casino games



If you’re like a lot of casino players, you probably jet straight toward the slots or blackjack tables the second you hit the casino floor. These games are familiar and pretty easy to play, so why bother with all those other tables or machines?

Why? Because a lot of them are easy to play and insanely easy to win. Here’s our list for the top three underestimated casino games.

Casino War

If you’ve played war with friends as a kid, then you already know how to play casino war. Yup, we’re talking about the game where its’ you vs. a friend, high card wins. And when you have the same card, you deal out three face down and take a fourth. So does your friend. And once again, high card wins.

Casino War is exactly the same. Only replace your friend with your enemy. And by enemy we mean a casino dealer. It’s you vs. the casino in a winner-take-all, high-card-wins battle. And it’s so easy to play. Drop your bet and if your card is higher than the dealer’s card, you win. If it’s a tie, you go to war—just like you did as a kid.

It’s one of the most underestimated online casino games because it’s so easy to play and the odds are pretty good, especially for newbie online casino players. The only think you should note is that if you decide to go to war against the dealer, you’ll have to double your bet for a chance to win back your original bet. But at most casinos, if you tie going to war, you get paid out more.


Most people who walk by a baccarat table confuse it for blackjack. That’s expected. They sound kind of the same. And they look kind of the same. But there are tons of differences.

The most obvious? In baccarat, you can choose whether to bet on the player’s card or the banker’s card. You can’t do that in blackjack. You’re stuck with one hand and it has to face off against the dealer.

The second difference? In blackjack the number you want to hit is 21. In baccarat, it’s 9. And it’s impossible to go over that number. There’s a lot to love about online baccarat, but the best way to learn the game is to hit an online casino and start playing for free.

Video Poker

Many online casino players stay away from video poker machines because they think they’re too complicated. But the truth is a lot of the video poker machines pay out something as long as you make the board—usually the hand you need to win something is a pair of Jacks. A lot of other players overlook video poker because they assume you’re facing off against the dealer. But the truth is you’re not. In fact, you don’t even have to deal with other casino players. As long as your hand ranks, you win.

There are tons of video poker variations to choose from. Several even offer bonus rounds where you can go for double-or-nothing against the house with a winning hand. There are tons of opportunities to win in video poker so we suggest it’s a game you should never overlook.

Got a suggestion for an underestimated online casino game that you love? Drop us a line and let us know. We’d love to hear about it.

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