Big Cuts on Online Casino Budgets for Advertising

RentAs the United States and other countries began to restrict access to online gambling a lot of online casinos and poker sites have started cutting their advertising budgets. Currently, only casinos with special licenses can work within restricted jurisdictions. Had this happened before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) most casinos would have thrown away money to promote their brand so that they could bring new players to the casinos; however, now casinos do not think this is the best strategy from a financial perspective.

Online casinos and even land-based Las Vegas casinos,  have shown their concern on requiring an absolute certainty of the return of their investment before they jump into putting a lot of money on new advertising or other marketing opportunities. The online gambling scene is drastically changing because you would think that as casinos rake in millions of dollars every month they would have money to launch huge advertising campaigns, but that is not the case anymore.

At this point, a player can encounter too many online casinos to choose from which means that the revenue is spread amongst many firms, hence each one gets a lower amount. The increased competition has kept revenue dropping for a couple of years now and everyone is suffering from this. Online casinos cut on their advertising budgets which means they have less opportunities to be known, but another way to cut their expenditures is to reduce the free perks players get.

I am still waiting to write some good news that come up after the UIGEA official implementation date but I have not been able to find a good outcome from it yet. What do you, as players, think will happen with the online gambling industry as we encounter so many limitations? Share your thoughts with us, we greatly appreciate it your input.

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