Games you should be playing to get ready for the new Chinese-themed Las Vegas casino

coverchinese21062016It’s no secret that some of the world’s biggest gamblers hail from Asian countries. Macau is a big deal in the east. And hotels all around the world cater to Chinese gamblers, luring them in with free flights to their casino, comped rooms, comped dinners, and 5-star treatment in hopes that they’ll gamble.

And we’re not talking about the $100 limit Blackjack tables. We’re talking about the high roller rooms where dropping tens of thousands per bet on one hand makes you look like a penny pinching amateur.

So it should come as no surprise that Las Vegas is getting its own Chinese-themed property. It’s called Resorts World Las Vegas, it’s slated to open in 2019, and it’s going to cost a whopping $4 billion.

While that price may be steep, Resorts World Las Vegas will likely be one of the most impressive properties on the strip. The hallmark piece of the property is the Celestial Sphere, a giant ball that will flash images of guests for a few seconds and likely captivate young gamblers, something that Las Vegas really needs to do if it wants to tap into a younger market.

And despite the massive 150,000 sq ft casino floor, it’s not all about gambling. The property will feature a Chinese garden so big that’ll put Bellagio’s Conservatory to shame.

Also on the property will be a 50 ft replica of a Chinese lantern, which will aim to be a recognizable piece of the property, along the likes of the Eifel Tower in Paris Las Vegas or Bellagio’s fountains. The lantern will rise and fall up and down 56 stories on the property.

It’s actually taken way longer than expected to build a Chinese-themed hotel. After all, you’ve got lots of major cities covered, including New York, Paris, and Venice. So why not cover the country that not only has the most gamblers, but that has the wealthiest ones.

Macau, for example, attracts an unfathomable number of people. While there aren’t as many casino hotels in the gambling paradise, Macau’s revenues exceed that of Las Vegas. When people gamble in Macau, they gamble big.

Resorts World Las Vegas plans to celebrate the best of Chinese culture and turn a little piece of Las Vegas into one of the most impressive properties built in years. It’s not slated to open until 2019, but you don’t have to wait forever to get in the mood. Today, we’re highlighting some Asian-themed games available to play right now at The Virtual Casino. We hope you enjoy them.

God of Wealth

No need to pray for riches. The God of Wealth has you covered with a jackpot that resets at $1,000 and pops frequently, a top award of 10,000x your bet per line, lots of free games, and more. Take this 25-payline game for a spin and get ready for Resorts World Las Vegas right now.

Pai Gow Poker

Pay Gow has always been hugely popular in China, but the game was too complex and took too long to play for a casino to really realize profits and keep the attention of American gamblers. That’s why Pai Gow Poker was created. Not only has it become a favorite among Western players, but Asian gamblers love it just as much. This one is a table game involving cards and you can play it right now at The Virtual Casino.

Super 6

If you’re looking to get extra lucky, Super 6 could be your best bet. The online slots game with 729 possible winning combos celebrates the best of Chinese luck with fantastic Chinese-themed symbols. The game is loaded with free spins and lots of ways to win, making it a true favorite.


With a jackpot that resets at $1,000 and a top payout of 30,000x, there’s good reason why Zhanshi is one of the most popular Chinese-themed slot games at The Virtual Casino. The game stars you as an ancient Chinese warrior as you battle your way to larger than life payouts.

Golden Lotus

Remember the Chinese garden we told you about earlier? The one that Resorts World Las Vegas is building as part of their property? Well you can experience right now in Golden Lotus, a 25-payline slots game that takes place smack down in the middle of a Chinese garden. Discover rewarding flowers and the ultimate golden lotus that could reward you with life changing payouts.

Lucky Tiger

Experience the luck of the tiger in Lucky Tiger, an Asian-inspired online slots game with a very luck 88 lines available to play. There are two jackpots in this one—a minor jackpot and a major one, both of which can be triggered automatically and randomly upon the conclusion of a game.

Experience Chinese luck right now

If you’re ready to take these games for a spin, sign up for a free account at The Virtual Casino. It takes just a few minutes to create your free account and as soon as you’re set up, you’re ready to go. We only need a few pieces of information and you don’t even need to make a deposit if you’d rather not play for real money quite yet. And that doesn’t mean you have to sit there and stare at the walls. Most of our games are available to play for free, so you can test the waters without spending a dime.

You can play any of these games through our downloadable software on your Windows PC. If you’re on a Mac (or a PC, too), you can also access The Virtual Casino through your web browser via Instant Play.

It gets even better. Whether you’re in Las Vegas, overseas in China, or waiting for a bus, you can still hop over to The Virtual Casino on your mobile device. It works on smartphones and tablets like Android devices and anything with iOS (that’s iPhones and iPads, obviously). You don’t even need to download an app. Just go to TheVirtualCasino.com on your web browser and you’re good to go.

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