If you Like This in Vegas, Play it Online

cover-online18052016Casino games are great. Whether you’re in the mood for a little strategy or just looking to kick back and pass the time, modern casinos have a game or two that will fit the bill. For decades, the only way to experience the benefits of these masterful works of art was to jump on a plane or take a road trip to your nearest gambling destination. Considering the relatively sparse population of casinos in the past, just reaching a casino could often represent a significant investment. Luckily, times have changed. Not only are casinos in more destinations than ever before, but the availability of top quality casino games is at an all-time high. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you’ve probably uncovered a game or two that really suits your fancy, and that’s a great thing. However, making it back out to the desert to enjoy another dance with Lady Luck isn’t always in the cards. That’s where online casinos have changed the game.

No matter which games you prefer, you can now enjoy all of the excitement and action of playing at a casino on the Las Vegas Strip without leaving the comforts of your own home. Sitting on your couch with some time to kill? It’s a great time to test your luck with an immersive slot game. Taking the bus or subway on your daily commute? Pass the time by honing your blackjack strategy at The Virtual Casino. Moments that were once limited to looking out a window or trying not to fall asleep can now be occupied with all of the action of your favorite casino destinations. Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the best games to play online.


Roulette is one of Hollywood’s favorite casino games, because the lively and energetic atmosphere that regularly surrounds the wheel encompasses the spirit of the casino industry. However, not all games are the same. If you gamble in Las Vegas, you’ll most likely find yourself at a roulette game that features two green spaces. Unlike European roulette, which features a single green space, American roulette offers less-than-favorable odds by adding another disadvantage to those famous 50/50 bets, such as red, black, even and odd. The best way to avoid giving up more of an advantage than is necessary is to play online. The Virtual Casino offers both American roulette and European roulette, letting players decide which variation they prefer. Since you’ve been so nice, we’ll give you a tip! Go for the European roulette game, and you’ll cut the house advantage in half. Not a bad way to start your gaming experience, right?

Video Poker

Did you know that some video poker machines actually offer no house edge with proper play? Casinos are willing to sacrifice this advantage to seasoned players, because the vast majority of patrons never take the time to learn proper strategy. If you play in a casino, all of the lights and noise can be a major distraction when you’re trying to refine your skills. Additionally, casinos tend to frown on the use of cheat sheets and gambling aids. Taking your video poker experience to the web promptly eliminates both of those concerns. Since you can play anywhere, choosing a venue that’s nice and quiet is always an option. If you prefer to play with a cheat sheet or online guide at your disposal, that’s also an option when playing online. With less rules and restrictions, you’ll be free to practice and enjoy your experience to the maximum.


Unlike most casino games, finding bingo tournaments whenever you decide to play can be a bit of a struggle. After all, casinos and bingo halls aren’t going to host the events when there are no other players. For bingo fans, this can put a real damper on a nice evening. Online gamers never have to concern themselves with such restrictions, though, because bingo games are always going on at The Virtual Casino. Check out Bonus Bingo, a revamped version of traditional bingo with enormous payouts, bonus multipliers and joker balls that act as prize multipliers. Whenever the mood strikes you, online gaming allows you to break out your virtual dauber and get the games underway. Vegas just can’t compete with that sort of freedom.


Have you ever seen a slot at the casino that you really wanted to play, only to notice that the denomination of the machine was out of your price range? Have you ever been sitting at a machine for a few minutes and noticed a little old lady standing beside you, waiting to cash in on your cold streak as soon as you stand up? These little annoyances can add up, but online casinos offer the perfect solution. When you play a slot at The Virtual Casino, you’ll be free to set your wager however you see fit. If there’s anyone standing behind you while you play from the comforts of your own home, you’ll probably know who they are, at least. If not, well, that’s another story entirely!

The days of brick and mortar casinos dominating the gambling industry have finally come to an end. Modern gamblers have nearly limitless options when it comes to satisfying their gaming itch, and The Virtual Casino goes above and beyond to address the specific needs of these players with cutting edge games, huge promotional offers and top notch customer support. If you’ve been longing for the thrills of Vegas gaming but unable to muster up the funds for a flight to Nevada, consider taking your experience online with The Virtual Casino. Not only will you be free to play from wherever your day may lead, you’ll also have the option to take advantage of games with rules that are friendlier to players than those offered at major brick and mortar casinos across the country. Whichever game you prefer, it’s safe to say that the online casino industry can be a real win-win in terms of convenience and experience.

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