Online Gambling in Spotlight in Australia

Being the highlight of this weekend online gambling has become the talk of the town popping up in newspapers across the Australian content facing severe probing by the Australian Government. The report clearly states that the regulation and strict laws regarding Online gambling are there for the betterment of the Australians as several analysis indicates a loss of A$ 1 billion this years on sites that are illegally operated and are currently working under shadows.

With the usage of poker sites increasing at a rate of 20% every year another update reveals the fact that the government is trying to implement laws and regulations to ensure that only reputable and trustworthy sites are available to the Aussie market. As of now the laws being implements prohibit the use of sites that offer poker, bingo and casino games  but allow online gambling sites that showcase games related to sport and racing. The age newspapers quoted that though severe repercussions are being faced by illegal operators it is in fact the Australian Police that has failed to lay any charges against these entities.

Blatantly showcasing different advertisements despite the current ban in Australia Full Tilt Poker , Poker Stars and 888 are now offering lucrative promotions which sponsor rugby league teams and free pub poker leagues , not to mention these poker websites have started to hire sports stars such as Shane Warne and Brenda Fevola to market their products.

Placing more obstacles in the path of the Rudd government is the current news that Senator Nick Xenophon has prepared a bill that would stop the usage of credit cards to pay off online gambling operators and has blocked  the processing of payments to offshore online sites effective immediately.
The reports clearly state the new denominations suggest an expenditure of A$968 million in 2010 on online casino, poker and bingo by the Australian public.

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