The best Roulette tips and strategies to help you crush it

coverroueltte11092015Do you play Roulette blindly? Do you drop chips on the board randomly, hoping you hit something big to recover your losses? Are you too mesmerized by the spinning wheel to actually logically think about how you’re betting? Relax. There are a lot of players just like you. And we’re here to help everyone.

Whether you’re playing Roulette online or you’re all about the live version, we’ve got three key important strategies you should pay attention to if you want to make gains at the tables. While these Roulette strategies aren’t guaranteed to help you win, they’re definitely worth looking at.

Stick to the outside
It’s tempting to want to put down $10 on a single number. After all, if you drop down $100 on the number 18 and 18 comes up, you’ll win $3,500. Single number bets pay out 35:1, which is a great payout. However, the odds of hitting your number is low. But when you play the outside, you have almost 50/50 shot at hitting a win.

Outside bets are even/odds, red/black, or 1-18/19-36. The odds are almost 50/50 because you’re betting almost half of all possible numbers in one shot, with the exception of the single zero and the double zero.

Play multiple outside bets

Want to play more than half the numbers at the same time? Play multiple outside bets. By combining a Red bet with an even bet, you’re covering some of the odd numbers too. This can actually slow down your win rate because in many cases, you’ll come out even. For example, if you bet on Red and Even, and the number 2 hits, you’ll win your Even bet, but you’ll lose your Red bet because it’s black. That’s considered a push.

But if you hit the number 12 on the same bet, you’ll win both bets because 12 happens to be even. Of course, you could also end up hitting an odd black number, which would lead to a loss. But in the end, the strategy tends to give you short, long-term gains.

Try a Roulette betting strategy

Sometimes it’s now where you place your chips that leads to big wins, but rather how much you bet each time. By employing a roulette betting strategy, you can gain some sense of control over what comes your way. Most Roulette betting strategies work best with even money bets, like playing the outside for example.

One simple Roulette betting strategy involves doubling your bet every time you lose and staying the same each time you win. While it can be risky, especially if you hit a losing streak that puts you in double betting mode over and over again, many Roulette players have found success with Roulette betting strategies.

Put our tips to the test for free

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