The worst Las Vegas attractions you need to avoid

coverbellagioLas Vegas is an amazing place. There’s so much to see and do, and so much to choose from that you can take a trip every month and not see the same thing twice. But chances are, if you do frequent Las Vegas, you have your list of favorites. And if it’s your first time going, you’ve probably already researched all the best attractions.

But has anyone taken the time to fill you in on the worst of Las Vegas? Do you know which shows to avoid? Do you know what’s overpriced and overrated? We’ve got everything you need to know right here, so keep reading.

Freemont Street

People who frequent Las Vegas will argue that you haven’t been to the real Las Vegas until you’ve hit the Freemont Street Experience. Let me be clear. Freemont Street is nothing but a bunch of people getting drunk, thinking they’re in Mardi Gras, and believing they’re having the time of their life. The truth is that unless your idea of a good time Las Vegas is feeling like you’re trapped indoors that’s supposed to look like it’s outdoors or vice versa, skip it. You’re better off hanging out elsewhere.

Bellagio Fountains

You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve watched the water dance in countless YouTube videos. You’ve imagined what it would be like to see the explosions of water live. The Bellagio fountains are wonderful the first time you see them, but after two or three times, it gets old. Really old. We’ve included this on our list of worst Las Vegas attractions because they really need to change things up constantly throughout the day. Otherwise, walking the strip feels like you’re in an episode of The Flintstones.

Criss Angel Believe

One TripAdvisor review said she’s rather watch mold grow on bread than sit through this show again. We’d have to agree with her. This show combines the magic of Criss Angel with the breathtaking acrobatics and artfulness of Cirque du Soleil. Except it manages to capture both very poorly. Criss Angel talks to way too much in the show, there isn’t enough magic in the Cirque acrobatics, and instead of having your mind blown, you’ll just feel like you blew your money.

Excalibur Hotel

If you like Medieval type fun, go buy tickets to Medieval Times. If you want to eat, sleep, and breathe the experience, you’re better off watching the Medieval scene from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on continuous loop instead of staying at Excalibur. Arguably one of the most poorly done themed hotels, you’ll be disappointed if you’re really big on authentic themes.

Timeshare Presentations

Timeshares are the absolute worst, but this isn’t about trying to sell you on avoiding them like the plague. This is about Las Vegas timeshares, in particular. And the presentations, specifically. You might be tempted by free tickets to a show or free buffet comps for sitting through a time share presentation at some properties. Don’t. You’ll never get back those 90 minutes and even if you’re hell bent on not being sold a timeshare, the sales people tend to be very pushy.

Have we dampened your idea of what Las Vegas should be? Don’t worry about it. There’s a lot to love about Las Vegas. A simple Google search will reveal all the good things it has to offer. But if you’d rather stay home, you can still play all your favorite online casino games at The Virtual Casino. We have everything you want and none of the things you don’t. Plus, no timeshare pitch. It’s the ultimate win-win.

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