Unleash the best casino game for your Myers-Briggs profile

myerscover14042016If you’ve ever worked in Corporate America or have ever taken a basic psychology class in college, you’re probably familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. HR departments love to use them to assess their employees — not to figure out if they’ve hired crazies, but rather to understand everyone’s working style.

We all know that some people are extroverts while others are introverts. But that only scratches the surface. The Myers-Briggs test kicks things up a notch to figure out everyone’s learning and working style. When you understand your own personality type and that of your peers, you might find that it’s easier to work together.

But it’s not about just learning and working. It’s also about fun and games. Understanding your Myers-Briggs profile can help you choose the right casino game and, perhaps, do better in the long run.

There are 16 different Myers-Briggs types. A profile contains for letters and is made up of one letter from each of the four categories below. Rather than go through all 16 categories, we’re going to highlight which game types fits with each piece of the puzzle.

Category 1: Extroverts & Introverts

E – Extroverts
These are people who tend to be energized by other people. If you’re an extrovert, you enjoy a fast pace, relish in the opportunity to do a bunch of different tasks, and are generally great multitaskers, too.

The perfect casino game: Craps
Why: Craps is an incredibly social game where everyone mingles together and chats for hours on end. While Introverts are definitely welcome at the Craps table, Extraverts will have way more fun rolling the dice and making new friends.

I – Introverts

If you enjoy working alone or in a small group, you’re an Introvert. You like a slower pace and you prefer to focus on a single task at one time. It should be noted that introverts don’t necessarily shun taking the spotlight. You might be surprised that some big name actors are introverts.

The perfect casino game: Slots
Why: If you want to do your own thing wile you play casino games, slots are a safe bet. You can chill in a corner and ignore other players, all while staying focused on the machine. What’s more, online casino games in general are great for introverts because they allow you to enjoy games that extroverts enjoy without the crowds.

Category 2: Sensors & Intuitives

S – Sensors
If you find that you’re realistic in everything you do and prefer to focus on facts and details before coming up with practical solutions to problems, you’re a Sensor.

The perfect casino game: Blackjack

Why: Blackjack is all about mathematics. If you’re a number cruncher and good at figuring out how the deck is stacked, this is your best bet.

N – Intuitive
Are you all about possibilities and the big picture? Do you see patterns easily and look for creative solutions to problems? You’re likely an Intuitive.

The perfect casino game: Poker
Why: Texas Hold’em or other live poker tables are ideal for N-types. With the opportunity to recognize bluffing patters and the ability to creatively work your way out of a bad hand into a nice victory, poker is the perfect game for Intuitive types.

Category 3: Thinkers & Feelers

T – Thinkers
Logical decision makers fall under the Thinker category. They use analysis before making decisions, and they weigh the pros and cons of everything. Thinkers are all about honest, fairness, and overall consistency.

The perfect casino game: European Roulette
Why: You dig deep and look at the odds before playing a game. That’s why you choose games like European Roulette over their American counterpart. Your research has revealed that an absence of an extra zero means less of a house edge.

F – Feelers
If you’re the sensitive type and you make decisions based on your own values and based on how others might be affected, you’re definitely a Feeler.

The perfect casino game: Video slots
Why: You likely want some visual stimulation and today’s high-tech video slots definitely provide them.

Category 4: Judgers & Perceivers

J – Judgers
If organization and preparedness is your name of the game, if you make and stick to plans and follow most rules, you’re likely a Judger.

The perfect casino game: Casino War
Why: Casino War offers virtually no decision making. That’s not to say that Judgers aren’t great decision makers. They are. But a game like Casino War makes it easy to follow the rules and stick to plans, since the game tends to be light on them.

P – Perceivers
Is your middle name Spontaneous? Then you’re a Perceiver. You’re flexible with making plans and you like to keep things generally open.

The perfect casino game: Anything
Why: You’re so spontaneous, you’d rather not fit into a peg. On a night out at the casino, you prefer to jump from table to slot to table and back again. If your crew wants to play Blackjack, you can modify your Roulette plans and go with the flow.

Find your perfect game

Remember, every Myers-Briggs personality type has four letters—one from each of the four categories mentioned above. That means you’ll find lots of different casino game options that you’ll likely love.

The suggestions mentioned here aren’t a hard and fast rule. Many Introverts love Craps just as many Extroverts love playing slots all by themselves. However, if you’re new to casino gaming, this could help point you in the right direction and aid you in finding the perfect game.

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