What Are Your Favorite Drinks While Playing Casino Games?


This post is 100% focused on drinking while playing our favorite casino games. If you are not a drinker, you might not enjoy it. But if you are, please join this post by commenting below what your favorite drinks are and why.

It is clear that drinking while socializing in a casino and then playing casino games is a good match. There are many reasons why players do drink while playing and it can be attributed to socializing. Some drink alcoholic beverages in order to remove the fear and be gutsy in gambling.

Now, in 2014 we have a new set of players who drink and play casino games, but rather stay at home in their most comfortable clothes and go online. These are players that also enjoy a great time and at least in my case, I am one of them.

These are my favorite drinks for gambling:

Bloody Mary: this one is my favorite cocktail for whenever I play during the day or in my garden. At night I might drink it from time to time, but it’s definitely a drink that tastes like heaven during the day. If you add a bit of Tabasco, it might give you a spark in your game. Use it to play any game you want as long as you drink it during the day. Hopefully a hot one!

Beer: this one has to be a major favorite for any time of the day. It is probably the best and can be paired easily to any game. Also, there are several choices for you to choose from, domestic and international beers. However, too much beer can cost you in your game and hence, drink in moderation.

Long Island Iced Tea: So exquisitely fresh and yet be careful with this potent mixture of bourbon and rum. For most players, this drink is very good while playing Craps. Since it is a mixture of two or more liquors, you have to drink moderately or you may find yourself betting and gambling carelessly. Nevertheless, the taste of this drink is refreshing and can be a good confidence enhancer.

Martini: this drink is a great partner while playing roulette, plus it makes you look classy. If you have watched James Bond movies, you will see martinis being served there. The martini in the 007 movies is called Vesper Martini that is made from mixture of gin and vodka plus olive and lemon.

Whiskey: Whiskey is not just a drink in casino, whiskeys are also enjoyed at home for relaxation and hence, you can drink whiskey while playing casino games. The more age of the whiskey, the better the taste and the expensive the price. (My personal favorite drink).

Red Bull and Vodka: This one is not my favorite, but many people seem to enjoy it. Red Bull is an energy drink that can give you an adrenaline rush and matching it with vodka will be interesting. This combination of drink will keep you awake and alive as you play longer hours in casino games.

I will be waiting to your comments on which ones are your favorite drinks!

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