Young people aren’t buying lottery tickets

coverlottery17102014The big lotteries across the country have a problem. No, this has nothing to do with a numbers scandal or stolen tickets. Nor does it have to do with someone winning a prize and the lottery refusing to pay out.

Lotteries are well-run, well-oiled machines. But without enough oil to make things run smoothly, there could be a problem. And that oil happens to be the 18-35 set.

For the lottery gears to work, people (the oil we’re talking about) need to buy tickets. But research up in Canada shows that those between the ages of 18 and 35 aren’t buying lottery tickets. They just aren’t interested. The same seems to be true in parts of the United States.

In the province of Ontario, of the people who buy lottery tickets at least once a week, only 13% of them are under the age of 35. Baby Boomers will continue to buy tickets up until the end, but the lottery needs to do something to attract the younger set today.

In The Great White North, this is one of the reasons why several provinces have created online gambling sites. British Columbia has one. So does Manitoba. So does Quebec. And Ontario is supposed to launch one, though they seemed to have missed their 2014 timeline.

The lottery corporations know that they need to be online to rake in the cash and get people excited. The lottery only generates so much cash today, and that number will likely drop if people aren’t interested.

One of the strategies being considered is to develop a new lottery that will appeal to younger players. However, I think this is the wrong strategy. It’s not the type of lottery that’s available. It’s the concept of the lottery in general. Younger players want instant gratification, which is what makes online gambling so rewarding and fun.

The concept of buying a ticket and waiting a whole week (or even a few hours if it’s a nightly draw) seems ridiculous to younger people. And as the iPad generation grows up, instant satisfaction will only become more of a big deal.

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