Different Types of Online Casinos

For the purpose of classifying different types of online casinos we will put them into three main categories. This is expected to help players understand the implications of the similarities and differences of the companies in the online casino industry.

The first category will be for stand alone casinos. These type of casinos are different from all the others in nearly every aspect. First of all, they are powered by a proprietary software that has been designed exclusively for that one particular casino. The games that a player will encounter in a stand alone online casino are unique and cannot be played anywhere else. These casinos are a rare type and usually they are not very competitive.

Stand alone casinos also offer a limited range of games, as they have to invest a lot of money to develop their own and this money is only recovered from one casino, as opposed to online casinos powered by software providers which offer many more games and add a lot of new ones every year.

Now we are moving one to the second category, the online casinos powered by independent software developers. These software developers also power many other online casinos which means that they all offer identical games as other casinos powered by the same software provider. Each one of these casinos has its own promotions, tournaments and terms and conditions. Also, as we said before they offer a wider range of games than stand alone casinos; this can even mean a 8:1 ratio for some casinos.

The third category is for casinos that function within an online casino group. The casino group shares the same software provider and is operated by the same people but all of the casinos within the group function as independent casinos. These casinos have the same set of games, some may share the promotions but each casino is its own brand. Something that can be positive and negative about these casinos is that they often share the same tournaments so when you sign up for a tournament you could be facing players in all of the other casinos in the group.

The reason for having different types of casinos, and even multiple casinos within the same group is because it gives the owners a chance to offer variety and target different audiences. This is also good for players because when they get bored with the features and the environment casino they have the choice to move to a new one, or even a different one within the same group.

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