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You won’t believe what the future of online casinos looks like


Got a time machine? Then you’re going to want to take a trip back to the mid 1990s. No, not to bet on the World Series, a la Marty McFly in the hit motion picture Back to the Future 2. No, you’re going to want to take a trip down memory lane, literally, to see what the world’s first online casino was like.

This is more than just a history lesson. Looking back at where we were can give us a hint at what we can look forward to in the future. The world’s first online casino was primitive, with relatively horrible graphics, slow animation, and an archaic look and feel.

But back then? Back then it was amazing. No one had ever played online casino games before. Until the first online casino game around, you needed to hop on a plane and head to Vegas or Atlantic City to play Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, or slots.

It’s easy to think that where we are today is the end of the line. After all, you can play against real dealers from home. And traditional online casino games are fast, authentic, and amazing. But this isn’t the end of the line. No way.

Remember Charles Holland Duell? He was the commissioner of the United States Patent and Trade office in the 1800s. And in 1899, he uttered a now infamous quote that, looking back, is beyond ridiculous:

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

We’re not even kidding. This is a quote that came before pretty much every modern-day invention. Before microwaves. Before helicopters. And way before any modern-day technology like smartphones or computers had been invented.

That’s why it’s naïve to assume that we’ve reached the point where no further online casino evolution takes place. No, there’s a lot more to come, and today we’re exploring what we think is next. We hope you enjoy it.

More cross-device support

In the upcoming macOS release, Sierra, Apple is including technology that will unlock your Mac if you’re wearing you’re Apple Watch and lock it when you leave with your Apple Watch. It’s beyond genius and we think there’s an application here for similar technology for online casino games.

We think that the online casino world can become more secure by tying accounts to a specific Apple Watch or Android Watch. If you’re not wearing your watch, you can’t play. This would allow players to ensure that their accounts are never compromised. Obviously, sites like The Virtual Casino take every step to ensure that accounts remain safe, but it’s always good to stay far ahead of the bad guys.

More live dealer games

Live dealer games have grown in popularity over the last five years. If you’re new to live dealer games, it’s basically you playing against an actual dealer. Through the magic of a video feed, a Blackjack dealer, for example, deals out real cards. You bet virtually, just like you’d do playing traditional online Blackjack. But the cards are real and therefor it feels that much more real.

As live dealer games grow in popularity, and as the Netflix effect has forced people into getting unlimited date with their Internet plan, you’ll likely see more and more live dealer games pop up.

Improvement in graphics

The thing about live dealer games is that they tend to be slower than regular online games. That’s because with live dealer games, you have to deal with real shuffle, real dealing, and the wait time that comes with accommodating multiple people betting at the tables. The future of online gaming calls for online table games to appear almost if not just as real as their online counterpart. That means you could one day sit down at an online Roulette table and confuse it for a live dealer Roulette game (which actually looks like the real deal).

While people are all about graphics improvements, some people actually prefer online casino games to look and feel a little less real than an actual land-based casino experience. For that reason, you’re likely to find several games that still feel a little less authentic.

More land-based relationships

You’ll like see more online casinos develop relationships with land-based casinos. While not all land-based casinos are eligible to run their own online casinos due to state regulations, it’s possible that some land-based casinos look to develop relationships with popular online casinos that serve other jurisdictions.

For example, you could see a big Las Vegas casino give away trips to their casino through a popular online casino. The land-based casino would develop promotions with the online casino in an effort to funnel players to their property. This would be mutually beneficial as the land-based casino would profit from players enjoying their property, and the online casino would benefit by coming across as being backed by a major player.

Even bigger jackpots

As online casinos become more and more popular, it’s only natural for jackpots to grow to record heights. Million-dollar jackpots are fairly frequent now, but these will likely grow even higher as communities grow. What’s more, with more people playing, it’s likely that these jackpots are also popped more frequently.

Taste the future now at The Virtual Casino

At The Virtual Casino, we’re already witnessing the evolution of online casinos. We’re committed to introducing new games on a regular basis and evolving our software to make sure it remains the best in the business. We already offer a healthy mix of online casino games, live dealer games, and realistic slots. And as the competition keeps up, we strive to stay ahead of the curve.

If you’d like to experience the future of online casino games right now, sign up for a free account at The Virtual Casino. You’ll gain access to all kinds of free online casino games, all of which you can play without risking any real money. And when you’re ready to win for real, we’ve got a deposit bonus with your name on it. Joining us takes just a minute, so come play.

Controlling Lady Luck: How superstition affects your game

Are you a superstitious gambler? If you’re all about getting a feeling and going with that, there’s a chance you believe in some form of luck. But superstitious gambling goes beyond just believing in Lady Luck. For some superstitious gamblers, it’s all about controlling that luck.

Yes, we know. Luck is luck. It can’t be controlled. There’s no controlling complete randomness. But sometimes you just get a feeling that something went a certain way because you did something. Sure, it might be crazy to think you had control of a situation that was completely out of your hands, but sometimes you just can’t explain it.

Today, we’re exploring some of the most popular superstitions today’s gamblers believe in. Perhaps you’ll find a superstition that appeals to you. Or perhaps you’ll shake your head in disbelief that people actually believe in these things.

Blowing on dice

It’s in a famous Sinatra song for a reason. Lady Luck brings good luck when you have someone blow on your dice, or at least that’s how the saying goes. That’s why you’ll see players at the Craps table either blow on their dice or have their significant other or another player blow on the dice before being tossed. This superstition is an interesting one as its origins aren’t clear. Some people believe it comes from the early days when gamblers would try to cheat the system by coating one side of the dice with a special substance that would all of the sudden become sticky when blown on. Other people believe that it has nothing to do with cheating, but rather from the days when dice games were played on the streets. Back then, players would blow on the dice simply to clean them.

Betting on your lucky number

If you have a lucky number, there’s a good chance the Roulette table is the game you want to play. In Roulette, you can bet directly on any number from 1 to 36, plus a single zero and a double zero (but let’s be real, nobody’s lucky number is zero). If you’re playing Roulette and you happen to have a lucky number, be sure to bet on it. But what if your lucky number happens to be above 36? What if, for example, your lucky number is 74? Perhaps that’s the year you were born. Or perhaps that’s your grandmother’s age. Whatever the case just be sure to bet on 7 and 4 simultaneously.

Wearing a lucky piece of clothing

It’s not just athletes who have a lucky piece of clothing. Some gamblers also choose to sport the same clothing that they’ve been successful with. We’re not talking about wearing the same pair of underwear without washing it. That’s just silly. But don’t be surprised to see gamblers talking about their lucky jacket or the pair of lucky pants that they constantly sport. Lucky jackets don’t need to be washed, but if someone at the Blackjack table brags that their pair of pants has given them luck for the last 2 years, you might want to move away before you catch something. Of course, while some superstitious gamblers won’t wash their lucky clothing, others are happy to wash them, knowing that the fabric brings the luck rather than the germs on the garment.

Betting on red

Did you know that in some cultures, the color red is considered lucky. That’s why many players will choose to bet on red playing Roulette. But it’s not restricted to the wheel-based game. In table games where there’s an opportunity to raise or double down, players who are dealt red cards might choose to bet should they be holding red cards. For example, if dealt red cards in Tri Card Poker, even though the hand might not be an amazing one, the color red might prompt superstitious players to play it anyway. And it’s not just about playing the color red. It’s about bringing your own red to the table. Superstitious gamblers who believe in the power of red might choose to wear red clothing like underwear, socks, a shirt, or anything else.

Leaving the tables brings good luck at the slots

If you’re looking to get lucky on the slots, you might want to start at the tables. Many superstitious gamblers believe that leaving the tables is what brings good luck at the slots. So if you’re playing at an online casino, start with some table games first. If you’re superstitious, it could make a difference to your fortune.

See how these superstitions work out for you

Did you know you can practice these superstitions without risking any real money? At The Virtual Casino, you can play free online casino games without making a deposit. That goes for all the latest slots, all our table games, video poker, and even specialty games. All you need is a free account at The Virtual Casino and you’re good to go.

If you’re new, start by creating your account. It only takes a minute to do and you only need a few pieces of information. As soon as you’re set up with an account, go ahead and play all your favorite games for free. Don that red shirt. Blow on the virtual dice. Do whatever it takes to see if superstition pays off.

If it doesn’t, you’ve got nothing to lose. But if it does, it might be a good time to make a real money deposit and play for real. When you do, you can win actual money. Many of our table games come with low table limits so you can stretch a $30 deposit into a long session at the casino (and of course, if Lady Luck is on your side, you won’t need to deposit again).

Remember, all you need is an account and a playing device. Most PCs or Macs will do, as long as they’re not running Windows 95 or Mac OS 9. And you can also play on the go on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. So sign up now and make a date with Lady Luck wherever you are.

The Slot Machines Urban Legends

There are many urban legends about slots that people will like to believe are true. Some players will also like to believe that their lucky charm brings them luck and will always let them win. The sobering truth about slots is that they only pay out when they are supposed to. There is no secret formula to making these machines pay out all their coins to you.

A slot machine is a programmed game that is basically a computer with software that dictates when it pay outs. These wins are generated by a RNG (Random Number Generator) which randomly decides when a player wins. These programs are sophisticated and created by professionals that can’t even tell when a slot will pay out.

Here are some of the most told urban legends about online slots and live slots.


Many people believe that the location of a slot in the casino will determine if it is sure to be a winner. Some feel that the ones right at the front will never win as they are put there to “trick” the players into using bad slots. They will run around in circles looking for ones that haven’t been played or are in obscure locations. This is a waste of effort and you can look quite silly running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Regardless of where the slot is, it will be programmed just like the rest. If a slot machine does happen to be paying off because it’s in the back where no one will ever play it, this is just your lucky day and the RNG has been hit. There is no connection between its location and pay outs that should ever be used to determine what slot you play.

The waiting game

One of the funniest and sometimes awkward moments in a casino is when you see a player stalk over another player like a vulture waiting for them to die. They feel that the person playing now will juice up the machine and once they leave, it will be their turn to win. They jump in the seat as soon as this person gets up as if it was the last chair on earth and start pumping the machines with coins.

Not only is this totally false, it is also quite rude. Again, the machine will not be juiced up and hit once you sit down. It will hit at a random time that no one can ever predict.


Some players believe that when they hit the buttons or click the buttons online a certain way it will trigger the slot to pay out. This is one of the more comical urban legends and can be considered to be borderline obsessive compulsive.

A slot machine is not a safe that can be cracked by entering a code. The way you hit the buttons will never determine when it hits a payout. You may feel better about doing this as it will likely fulfill your OCD needs, but that’s about as far as this method will go.

These are just a few urban legends about slot machines, but there are many more. The bottom line is that a slot machine will only pay out when it is supposed to according to its software. There is nothing you can do to make it win while you are playing it.

Share with us some of your favorite myths about slot machines. If you feel some are true, we’d like to hear about it.

Movie Inspired Casino Games

It is a well know fact that thousands of people all over the world either visit land based casinos or own active accounts on websites that offer hundreds of casino games online. But not everyone enjoys playing the same games over and over again…people just get bored…and the gaming industry must be on top of trends and advances in order to develop newer and more exciting games for their audience.

One trick they usually have is movies: who doesn’t love movies? And well, some of us become true fans of them and would like to experience every single bit of the specific story as much as we can. This is when Movie Themed Slots or other games come to the rescue. Some of these cool movie themed slots have certainly become way more popular than others. While some are available online, others can only be found at land based casinos.

The Virtual Casino brings you the list of the 5 Coolest Movie Themed Slots chosen by the TVC staff nonetheless (we work with slots, we play with slots…trust us, and we know what we are talking about.)






Notice a pattern here? We should definitely consider having a cool online slot based on the Avengers Movie don’t you think? In the meantime let’s stick to what we have and let’s just keep having fun with the other awesome characters.

The History of Blackjack: Things you didn’t know

If you are into casino games, chances are you know a fun fact or two about your favorite games, we do too. It is nice to collect what apparently is useless information about stuff we find entertaining, therefore we went ahead and worked on a cool research: The History of Blackjack, but focusing on stuff we did not know, fun facts for those online blackjack players that visit the Virtual Casino on daily basis.

History of BlackJack

This is definitely something we all know, the game of Blackjack is the long lost son of old game called Twenty-One. No one really knows where 21 was originated, although there is an interesting legend that claims that it was first mentioned a book by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes(you have probably heard about The Quixote right?). The story claims that Cervantes was a gambler himself. On his story, Rinconete y Cortadillo, from his compilations Novelas Ejemplares, he claims are very proficient at cheating at ventiuna (Spanish for twenty-one). He also explains that the object of the game is to reach 21 points without going over it, even more interesting he specifies that the ace values are 1 or 11 on that game. Although in the book the game is played with the Spanish baraja deck, which is quite different from the card deck we are mostly familiar with: the Spanish baraja does not have eights, nines or tens. This story was written between 1601 and 1602, which gives us a pretty good idea of how old the game might be.

Twenty-one was introduced in the US by gambling houses. These places offered bonus payouts to stimulate players’ interest on this game: for example one of the most common bonuses was a ten to one payout if the player’s hand consisted of the ace of spades and a black jack; the name of this hand was of course “blackjack”, just like the game we currently play.

Other interesting facts of BlackJack

Italians and French have been claiming and disputing which of the two actually hold the title as the country where Blackjack originated; however there is absolutely no prove to say either one did it. The balance tilts a little to the French side as a lot of people claimed that the original name of the game is vingt-et-un (French for 21). Also, history claims that Napoleon loved the game of 21 and played it when he had time to kill on his exile in Elba, another point for the French right there.

Blackjack was once banned in the United States around the 19th century until 1939 as the state of Nevada removed its bans and the beginning of Las Vegas as we know it took place.

In the early 60’s there was a man named Edward O. Thorp, who wrote a book called “Beat the dealer”. On this book you could find the mathematical workings and details of the game. This man is recognized as the father of card counting. Because of this man and his book, Casinos everywhere altered some of the standard rules, which then lead to new variations of the game.

There is a Blackjack Hall of fame and it is not easy to get in it. The Blackjack hall of fame was opened back in 2002. Only blackjack experts, world known authors, and truly professional players have gotten a distinctive mention there.

Do you have any interesting Blackjack fun facts that you consider worth mentioning?

Casino Games People Hate: It Happens

Believe it or not people feel hatred for basically anything and everything, even something as trivial as a game! Here is a small compilation of casino games people just can’t seem to like…

Online Scratch Tickets

Apparently people can’t seem to find comfort on scratching ticket virtually and love the thrill of the dusty scratch leftovers. Also it seems that people have the preconception that they can’t win with these online scratch tickets as they have not been printed ahead of time.


Although the history of the game of Keno takes us all the way to the beginning of the construction of the great wall of China (which by the way can be seen from outer space), the game is not a hit. I truly wonder how is it that it financed the whole construction of a wall that big if people don’t really like it?


Loved by many…hated by even more. The game of Roulette, as classic as it is, well…it is not very popular among casino games lovers, probably because it is too easy to play and the excitement doesn’t really measure up to what they are looking for, unless you play it on a land based casino with a whole bunch of people rooting for you on the table.


The card game of War has been around for ages. We have probably played it a thousands times since we were little, and that is the exact same reason people don’t enjoy this one in its casino game form. People think of this game as a child’s play and won’t give it the time of day when it comes to make a bet on it.

So there you have it, our list of the casino games people hate. Do you have an specific game you hate?

Online Slots Terminology

Are you a new slots games player? Not sure you are getting the right grip of the game? It is a well known fact that casino games tend to have their own slang and terminology, it is always important to get familiar with them in order to play the game wisely. Slots have their very own terms as well, and as a player it is imperative that you know it by heart. We have created a small list of the most common online slots terminology to help you understand the game a little better.

The terminology we are including on this article could come in handy for every type of player: beginners and veteran players might encounter a couple of things that they were probably not so familiar with and improve their game a little. Let’s take a look at our online slots terminology “dictionary:

Coin size: This does not refer to the size of the coin as well; you don’t really use coins to play online slots. This is referring to the amount you want to bet per line on your game.

Credit meter: This is a little screen that tells you how much credit you have to play with. It is more often seen on land based slot machines; however it is also used on the online slot versions in some cases.

First deposit bonus: If you are playing at an online casino for the first time, they will provide you with a sign up bonus which increases the amount of money you will be playing with.

Max Bet: The maximum bet you are allowed to play on each spin.

Onesies: Players that who bet only one coin per spin.

Pay-line: These are the directions or ways in which the symbols can be lined up in order to get a winning combination. These can be tricky on online slot machines that have many paylines; it is recommended that you check how are the pay lines on each game you play for the first time before hand.

Payout: When you are playing at any slot machine, winnings pay out in relation to the amount of money that is put in, stated as a percentage (payout percentage).

Progressive Jackpot: The top jackpot that grows progressively as more players bet on the game. This is something very interesting: Slot machines are often linked together among several online casinos which mean more players put in more money in and create all together a much larger combined jackpot.

Static Jackpot: A jackpot that is pre-determined and doesn’t change.

Scatter Symbol: These are symbols specifically related to a game. How they work I when two or more of them appear anywhere on your reels, which means a bonus game is activated or features free spins.

Wild Symbol: This is a term was stolen from Poker: as you probably know, in Poker certain cards in the deck can substitute any other card make a winning combination, it works the same in online slots. The Wild Symbol can substitute for any other symbol (except for Scatter symbols) and help you win.

Pay outs at Online Casino: how do they work?

Have you ever tried to play at an online casino? If not, you probably have lots of questions before actually trying it out. Perhaps you would like to try online casino poker tournaments but are not really sure on how they work, how do you join, but most importantly: how do you cash out if you win?

Of course it is important to know that when you go ahead and do an online casino deposit, you are basically doing the exact same thing you would at a land based casino: using some of your cash to play a game. Of course, at a land based casino you will probably get your winnings paid off to you right away, while casinos online work a little different. Here is a quick online casino guide to help you understand how pay outs work on these websites, how long will you have to wait to get your winnings into your hands and some of the reasons why this process is a little bit longer than one would enjoy:

It is very important to keep in mind that each casino will probably have their own rules and terms when it comes to casino withdrawals and that you need to make sure you fully understand those at the time you want to request a payout.  At The Virtual Casino, we have our own way to handle everything: from your online casino deposit to your cash out goes through a very secure process. This is how it works:

To be able to withdraw money, the first step is to log into your casino account and clicking on the cashier button, this will take you into your main screen, look for the WITHDRAW MONEY button and click on it.

There are several withdrawal methods that will immediately display, in our case we offer: Click2pay, MG Cash, Neteller, Overnight Express (Check), UsemyWallet, Wire Transfer or WU Cash. It is important to keep in mind that most cash out methods will charge you a fee for their service. If you are not familiar with these fees, you can contact the Customer Service Department at The Virtual Casino and they will give you all the pertinent information.

After you have requested your pay out and have chosen a payment method, the request is submitted to the Withdrawals Department where your personal information will be checked out to make sure no one is trying to use your account in a fraudulent way, also, there are different rules regarding withdrawals: if for example you used a bonus, a free chip or a coupon code, they all have different cash out rules, which will be verified by the Withdrawals agents. If the withdrawal request does not meet the requirements, it will be denied within 72 hours after the request has been made.

In the case that the withdrawal does meet all cash out requirements, the approval takes within 10-15 business days of the date the withdrawal was requested. The reason why this takes so long is mostly because all the personal information needs to be verified in detail. After you request is approved, you will receive notification within 48 hours of the approval. At this moment you are required to verify all personal information one last time and will be given the choices of current payout options.

For each type of withdrawal request, there is certain documentation involved and the player need to comply with all of it in order for the withdrawal will be processed.

Another important thing to remember is that there are weekly cash out limits, in the case of The Virtual Casino, we have a max cash-out of $2,000.00 per week, however depending on your player status these can be higher, for example if you are a VIP player.

When will I finally get my money?

In most cases, payments are made within 7 –10 business days of approval; yet this is not an exact estimate as you can see and there is the possibility of a slight delay every once in a while, these mostly because of the banking issues currently undergoing gambling activities. Depending on the payment method you chose, the payment dates may also vary.

So now that you have a clearer idea on how do casino pay outs work, and have a better sense of the security methods used to make sure you receive your money, you might feel a bit less hesitant about doing a deposit to play, don’t you?

Current state of North American Gambling Law

For the past 4 years, ever since a prominent UK Gaming CEO was arrested in the US, the law concerning internet gaming in both the US and Canada has been in a state of flux. Due to a gaming “clause” snuck into a security Port bill by Bush’s Republicans, incredible pressure was put on the banking systems particularly Visa to conform. The action that the banks were ordered to take over the next 36 months was to stop allowing transactions coded as gaming from being processed through any US based banks. 

There are as many opinions as there are those holding them concerning the real reasons behind the “so called” gambling ban. We are calling it so called because with the exception of a few states like Utah, there actually isn’t a gambling ban per se. What the port bill addendum did was to crack down on the banking system that underpins online gaming finance. When I first heard about this port bill, like many others I was baffled.

“Port Bill? What was or what is that?”, many thousands of us asked. Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. Its drafted legistlation regarding security of America’s ports ( think ships and entry points ). So,  back to the point, what does a Port Bill have to do with gaming law? The truth is nothing but once this addendum regarding gaming was tacked on and pushed quickly through a senate that was unprepared, it was law irrespective of whether the proper channels were used.

So, here we are 3 almost 4 years later and what other than the overt stoppage of credit card usage has been accomplished?

– Many US players are pretending to be Canadian
– Most US online players are playing quite naturally underground
– UK Whitelisted sites have given up/sold their US customer lists
– Poker is twice the size pre Port Bill, most would agree that its simply thriving
– Each year more Vegas based Sports Betting moves to Costa Rica
– Estimated annual value of the worldwide online gambling industry, now up to $20 Billion
– Nothing to do with online gambling but Macau finally overtakes Vegas as the worlds largest gaming hub
-And my favorite – Vegas has had 3 more glorious years to figure out how to jump on the online gaming bandwagon.

Ok, so all of that is old. Let’s look at what’s new.

Calvin Eyre admits on a nationally televised and syndicated TV show that he has sold his [Billion Dollar] gaming interests to the Kawanakee group at the Mohawk Indian reserve just outside of Montreal.

British Columbia admitted it couldn’t stop the hundreds of millions of dollars going overseas and in a rare show of unity simply  approved online gaming – once its done at their own online facility ( No, we are not going to tell you the name, lol ). Thus becoming the first province/state in North America to legalize gambling.

Then on August 7th the Ontario Government admits that it too might follow British Columbia’s lead as the “…US and other jurisdictions are eyeing the payoff from legalized online gaming.”
Provincial Premier, Dalton McGinty admits, “… in a perfect world Ontario would have not had to rely on gambling revenue at all, but he acknowledges the government needs the cash.

In the meantime, on the US front, on August 10th it was reported that Representative Barney Frank is now closer to bringing his online gambling legislation before the entire House, after picking up his seventieth co-sponsor for the bill. Rep. John Campbell who  signed on at the end of July.

The past couple of weeks have been good for online gamblers in the US. First, Rep. Frank held a hearing on H.R. 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act in which representatives both for and against the legislation spoke.

The biggest concern however is that with both republican and democratic support required and it being so close to elections, many necessary representatives who might ordinarily support the bill may be squeamish of putting their name to something that could be used against them in upcoming months.

If the bill eventually passes the House, it will still need the support of the Senate before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is officially overturned. What Bush’s team sneakily attached to that Port Security Bill nearly 4 years ago is going to take the support of the full Senate to overturn.

However, Canadian Provinces breaking their historical lockstep movement with US law in a bid for closing doors on the hundreds of millions flowing outward is going to put even more fiscal pressure on the US Legislators to do something to stem the leak of billions in tax revenue.

Blackjack Winning Strategies

MC Frontalot Dealing BlackjackPerhaps you had not heard that there is such a thing as professional Blackjack teams. Well, let me tell you there are and they are groups of professional blackjack players that operate altogether employing advanced gaming techniques to create a positive expectation.

Blackjack teams expect that for every $100 wagered, they will get a return that is greater than $100. Some of the techniques they use are card counting, shuffling tracking and hole carding. They may only bet on low stakes blackjack tables or they may pick the riskier bets.

One of the biggest Blackjack teams out there is the MIT Blackjack Team. They were not the first to operate as a team but they are famous because they have been operating together for over 12 years. The group was formed after the university held a mini-course called “How to Gamble if You Must” and JP Massar was absolutely fascinated by it and decided to start the team.

At first, he was not very successful as a gambler but in 1980 he met Bill Kaplan, who had been running a successful Blackjack team for three years in Las Vegas. Kaplan became MIT’s team advisor and fixed some fundamental mistakes they were making, which was mainly using wrong card counting techniques.

The conditions to form the MIT Blackjack Team were that the team would have formal management procedures, a dedicated card counting and betting system, strict training, player approval processes and meticulous tracking of all casino play.

The team was formally established on August 1st, 1980 and they invested $89,000 and gathered 10 players. The members managed to earn about $80 per hour and they got an annualized return of 250% of their investment.

By 1989 the team had 70 active members but it was then when everyone began to lose interest. As years went by it became more difficult to manage the team and to get new members, original founders Massar and Kaplan tried to restructure the team renaming it Strategic Investments. However, casinos around the US started banning players in the team after figuring out their techniques and the team was dismantled on Dcember 31st, 1993.