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Monthly Promotion: Feel the Power at The Virtual Casino


The history of Las Vegas is jam-packed with machismo and underhanded deals done to grab a little bit of extra power from the competition. Mobsters from the Chicago Outfit grabbed control and refused to let go for decades, and the current stable of casino owners and operators is understandably reluctant to let newbies into their territories.

Sometimes, grabbing power isn’t just a practice for the mega rich and potentially dastardly. Sometimes, even everyday players need a chance to feel more control over their gaming experience.

The Virtual Casino is letting players increase their control and take the power needed to become a winner all month long. July’s promotional offers are the kind that don’t come around very often, so don’t miss out on the chance to seize power and walk away a big winner.

Place Your Bets

Grabbing power is all about getting off to a strong start, and that’s an easy goal to accomplish at The Virtual Casino this month. There are three incredibly intriguing options from which to choose, and they’ll all increase your playing power by multiples.

If you’re a slots and keno player, you’ll definitely want to take a long, hard look at the incredible 690% bonus. Not only is this huge offer available on a small deposit of just $30 or more, but its 10 times max cash-out limit leaves a lot of room for bankroll bolstering wins.

If you want to venture outside of the slot bank, there are still plenty of tasty options. Consider, for example, the 200% no-rule bonus, which is available on every game in the Virtual Casino and can be used on any deposit of $50 or more.

Alternatively, there’s the fully cashable 105% bonus. Though this offer features a 25 times playthrough restriction, there’s no max cash-out limit to worry with. In other words, all of your winnings can be claimed, all you’ll need is a deposit of $30 or more!

Bonus Bingo with No Restrictions

This month’s spotlight game is none other than Bonus Bingo. If you’ve never tried it out, July is a perfect month to dip your toes into the water. We’ll take the edge off with an incredible 250% bonus offer that features no playthrough restrictions or max cash-out limits.

Just make a deposit of $30 or more, and you’ll be ready to get started with the game that’s quickly capturing the attention of gamers around the globe.

That’s right! Bingo’s not just a pastime for old timers any more. In fact, it’s one of the can’t-miss crazes for the summer of 2016. Cash in on this generous deal, and get in on the fun!

Virtual VIP Specials

The very best that the Virtual Casino has to offer is always reserved for our VIPs, and July is no exception. Even though the general promotions are eye-popping, we’ve squeezed out a little bit of extra generosity to say thanks for all of your support.

Keno and slots fans are sure to be thrilled with the absolutely ludicrous 730% offer, which is available on deposits of $30 or more. With a 40 times playthrough restriction and a 10 times max withdrawal cap, you’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy our huge selection of slots.

If you prefer the tables, the 240% no-rule bonus offer is tough to top. Just make a deposit of $50 or more to claim this amazing deal.

Finally, there’s the 145 % fully cashable offer for deposits of $30 or more. No matter which game you decide to play, skipping out on this deal would be a huge mistake.

Seize the power with your favorite games at the Virtual Casino all month long. If you’ve got any questions or concerns regarding your time at the Virtual, our industry-leading customer support team is always standing by to help.

Whether you prefer to use live chat, telephone, email or fax, we’re equipped to help and on a mission to make your time at the Virtual truly memorable. With the hot, steamy weather outside and the non-stop action at the Virtual Casino, seizing the power this July is a win-win proposition.

Grab your favorite bonus or take advantage of them all. We’ll see you at the tables!

Casino Bonuses

Everybody has them. Everyone uses them and everyone benefits. So, you shouldn’t find
it extraordinary that we too have great casino promotions but what you should find
remarkable is the extent and size of our bonus promotions.

Matching deposits of 200% and even 300% are basically yesteryears’ left overs.
Matching Deposits of 400-500% ok, now that’s quite competitive right?

Well, suppose we told you that we don’t simply match at 500 or 600 or even 700 but
we do matching deposits at the astounding, “go broadcast to your entire fraternity”
rate of 1000%.

Incredible huh?

Yeah, we thought you would think so. Go ahead facebook this article and let your
Frat buddies or past alumni  know that you’re the smart one.

So, how does this rather interesting bit of casino bonus stuff actually work?

If you sign up and use the coupon code “WELCOME1000” this immediately gives you
access to the 800% signup bonus. This is good with any deposit of $25 or more.

Pretty cool so far, but the bonuses continue. Suppose you lose all your money –
sounds like something your girlfriend would say. But,…this never happens to me, by
the way. Ha ha,  of course it does, who are we kidding? Losing your money at a
casino happens all the time, right?

Well go ahead bet big, don’t be shy, because if you lose, you can redeem using the
bonus code above and get 100% of your deposit back as a cash back.

Wow, that makes it potentially 900%.

So, now you are asking, how about that 1000%. How do we get that? Ha ha, so you’re
as thirsty as I am huh? Fine, here is the last secret. Deposit $100 or more, use the
code above “WELCOME1000” and an extra 100% will be added to your initial bonus
amount automatically.

So, my friend, why are you still reading this?

Go impress your significant other, deposit $200 now and play like a king with $2000
in chips.

August Casino bonus Promotions

The Virtual Casino August 2010 PromotionsCasino bonus Giveaways
Do the moonwalk with us this August, play “Out Of This World” and win real cash. Join us for out of this world entertainment at Virtual Casino.

So what’s so special about this particular casino bonus promotion? We run eye catching snazzy looking promotions all the time but our players really love this one and the giveaways are driving our accountants crazy. Let me explain.

Man on the Moon – Casino bonuses
There are 3 different Man on the Moon bonuses geared towards different tastes and appetites.

If you figure you are a major Slots or Keno fan, then come in and claim your 690% casino bonus and take a run at the $8000 free casino bonus chip – yeah, the same one that has the accountants scratching their heads. Deposit $30 or more use this code “MOONWALK690” and do just 40X Playthrough. Thats all it takes. You can do this. I know you have done it before, so don’t hesitate if slots or keno is your game. Just come get this bonus now.

Or take the easy 200% bonus. Play any game, no playthrough requirements,no max cash-out. Just use the coupon code “MOONWALK200”, deposit $50 or more and redeem, redeem, redeem. Easy peasy as pie.

Or, if you are a big blackjack fan, try the 105% casino bonus with a lower $30 deposit requirement and a 40X playthrough for Blackjack. There is no Max Cash-out limitation. Redeem this one using the “MOONWALK105” code.

The same “MOONWALK105” bonus code with the same conditions can also be used with a 25X playthrough on any other game.

Slot Fans Rejoice – Casino Bonus

So, do you fancy that you are one of those NO RESTRICTIONS fans who loves slot machines? Well, we have something for you too – how about an $8,000 casino chip!

Get a nice fat 260% Bonus on a minimum deposit of $30 with no wagering requirements and no max withdrawal limitation. That’s right, no playthrough requirement and no Max cash-out limit.

But that’s not all; If you can wager your deposit plus bonus by 125X or more, playing the “OUT OF THIS WORLD” slot machine, you will win an $8,000 free casino chip! Guaranteed.

And last but not least are your

Virtual VIP Specials – Casino bonuses

What’s the use in being a VIP if you don’t get the absolute best casino bonuses? Our management believes this too, so they are encouraging all VIP members to get ready for an Out of This World experience and walk away with Lots of Money this month. But to walk away with our cash, you need to deposit and let us multiple your deposit in a VIP way.

Choose from 730%, 240% or 145% Casino Bonuses
730% Bonus
Slots and Keno ONLY
40X Playthrough
10X Max Cash-Out

Redeem using “MOONVIP730”
Deposit $30 or more
240% Bonus
Any Game
NO Playthrough Requirements
No Max Cash-Out

Redeem using “MOONVIP145”
Deposit $30 or more
145% Bonus
25X Playthrough
(40X Blackjack)
No Max Cash-Out

Redeem using “MOONVIP145”
Deposit $30 or more

VIP Bonuses can be used by Virtual VIP members only. Please contact us if you would like to check your VIP Status of find out how you can become a Virtual VIP Today.

Still confused? Surely not, but if you need to see it graphically explained, have a look at our Virtual casino bonus promotions page here.

Go there. Bookmark it. Tell your friends. Play together and Win Big!

The best Virtual Casino Coupon Codes

To casino players, bonus hunting it’s like chasing prey: you go out on the internet wilderness hunting for bonuses, out to get the biggest, juiciest bonus available and why not? Bonuses are precisely the one thing that online casino sites give to players to reward them for their loyalty or simply so that you choose them over the many other online casino options that pop up every day.

For players who have perfected the art of selecting the best casino coupon codes by roaming the web and carefully comparing, this list will be a handy guide as to which Casino Coupon should you really go for at The Virtual Casino and why.

Here’s the best Virtual Casino Coupon Codes list:

  1. The Virtual Casino signup coupon code:
  2. For those signing up for the first time, The Virtual Casino has a great way to welcome players in the form of a 1000% Total Welcome Bonus. This bonus gets redeemed on your initial deposit and it represents a hefty reward for new members. Think of it as a “house-warming gift” for when you first come to the neighborhood at The Virtual Casino.  The bonus code for this promotion is 900NEWVIRTUAL

  3. The VIP bonus:
  4. The VIP bonus gives you access to even higher bonus amounts, unlimited number of redemptions and lower rollover requirements. Here’s how it works: You got 5 different levels of VIP status and once you’re in the first level (which is very easy to get to) you get the benefits just mentioned plus customer service staff that caters exclusively to VIP members and a special treatment which you can only get at The Virtual Casino.

  5. Daily promotions
  6. This bonus is kind of like the promotion created just to have an excuse to give away a bonus. Although there are tons of other bonuses available throughout the month, a daily bonus gives you 7 different chances to stretch your bankroll. This is especially helpful if you’re only getting started, get a bit overextended with the amounts you bet – like it happens to most of us mere mortals-, and end up needing a little boost for your casino funds balance. For Friday’s for example, you can use the bonus code FIESTA600 but to check on a daily basis you can always check out our daily promotions bonus codes here.

  7. Special promotions
  8. Remember when you were a kid and wanted all the candy at once? Well, you may not have gotten that candy but you can certainly feast on this banquet of special promotion bonus codes. The bonuses within the Special promotions released each month go for different bonus percentages and work sort of like “the flavor of the month”: some months you’ll get a special code for video poker only like VIDPOK250 which gives you 250% bonus on video poker only or the STREAK600 which gives you a 600% bonus.

How to keep up with all these bonuses? you ask but there’s no need to worry. To view what bonuses are available before you make a deposit you have a few options: you can check here at the blog, you can go to The Virtual Casino coupon codes page, or at different casino coupon code sites out there like which features an updated  list of the the coupons available at anytime. Now that you know what each promotion is for, you got to try one: download our Casino and redeem your next coupon today!