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The 10 winning tips successful Keno players use every day

If you’re a huge fan of playing the lottery, there’s one casino game you might want to try. It’s called Keno it’s a lot like your weekly lottery game. The difference? Draws happen every second of every day. Just select your numbers, catch some of them, and get paid out. The more you catch, the more you’ll win. We’re not talking about million-dollar wins or anything crazy. But $50 here, $200 there, and you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

But how do you know which numbers to pick? How can you be sure you’re not playing blindly? Are there any tricks you can employ to actually win at Keno more often? These are the questions new Keno players ask themselves and today we’ve got the answer for you.

Yes and no. Keno, like the lottery and all casino games, is completely random. Bit even with all that randomness, there are still some tricks you can use to your advantage to have more fun and, hopefully, win more money.

Today, we’ve got 10 big tips for you. So check them out, try them out, and get paid out playing Keno online and off.

Never play with more than you can afford

It’s a simple rule, but it’s one that too many Keno players ignore. Keno games are so easy to play and they go by so quickly that it’s easy to risk a lot of money in a short amount of time without realizing it. The most important thing you can do is set a budget. We recommend a monthly budget. Let’s say it’s $200. That allows you to gamble $50 per week playing online Keno and other games.

This is a rule you should follow even if you’re winning. Just because you won a lot of money doesn’t mean you should necessarily go over your budget. If you do, you’re more likely to give all those winnings back to the house.

Understand that the odds are not in your favor

It might seem odd for an online casino to admit this, but Keno isn’t exactly a game with 50/50 odds. If you want an almost even chance at winning, try your luck at Roulette and play evens/odd or red/black. Keno, while you definitely do get to play a lot of numbers all at once, has a much higher house edge than other online casino games. The same holds true in the live casino world.

Play consecutive numbers

This isn’t a hard and fast rule. It’s simply a strategy that could help you win. Many Keno players swear by choosing a series of consecutive numbers, like 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. There is no guarantee that these numbers will pop up, but some Keno players believe that consecutive numbers are more likely to come up than non-consecutive numbers.

Play the same numbers all the time

Keno has a lot of similarities to the lottery. You choose a bunch of numbers from a preset list and wait to see if your numbers come up. In many cases, it’s exactly the same as the lottery, except for the fact that you don’t have to wait for a weekly drawing to win big. In online Keno, draws happen on demand (in the live version, you usually have to wait every 15 minutes or so).

Many big lottery winners will tell you that they’ve been playing the same winning lottery numbers for years before they hit that big win, as if fate had something to do with it. If you’re a bit superstitious, playing the same Keno numbers is a great idea.

Play numbers that haven’t hit recently

If you notice that certain numbers haven’t popped up recently, it might be time to play those numbers. We know, we know. This is kind of like the gambler’s fallacy, thinking that if you’ve hit a series of losses, it’s only a matter of time before you win. But playing numbers that haven’t hit is a strategy successful Keno players employ frequently.

Play numbers that have come up recently

This one is the complete opposite of playing numbers that haven’t hit, but it’s a strategy you might want to employ if you keep seeing the same numbers hit over and over again.

Play fewer numbers

Most Keno players will tell you that playing more numbers means you’re more likely to come out with a win. While that might be true, Keno pays out based on the percentage of numbers you catch. For example, if you play 8 numbers and you catch 6 of them, you’ll get paid out more than if you played 14 numbers and caught 7 of them. Sure, catching 7 numbers seems great, but you actually caught a smaller percentage and will ultimately be rewarded less for it.

Look for patterns

To figure out which Keno numbers are hitting more often, sit back and watch Keno before playing. This strategy doesn’t really work online since you control the start of each game (if you’re not playing, nothing is happening). But in the live casino world, you can observe other people playing and study which numbers are being repeated most often.

Play for free

Before you sit down to play Keno for real money, start at The Virtual Casino. You can play free Keno with your online casino account. It takes just a few minutes to set yourself up with an account. Everything is automatic, so there’s no one to deal with over the phone. Just provide us with a few pieces of info, create a username, set a password, and you’re good to go.

Play for real money

Remember, you can’t actually win real money playing Keno unless you play for real money. So when you’re ready to play for real money, we welcome a variety of safe and secure deposit options. And we’re always standing by to help you with anything you need.

Casino games you might want to avoid


Seems odd, right? For an online casino to tell you to avoid certain casino games is a little bit counterproductive. We want you to play casino games, yes. Hey, that’s our business model and why we exist, at the end of the day. But we want you to play the right casino games, not just any old casino game. We’re casino players too and we know that not every single game is for everyone. In fact, it goes deeper than that.

The truth is that some casino games should be avoided at all costs by certain types of players. Today, we’ve identified fives types of players and called out the games we recommend they stay away from. If you fall into one of these categories, don’t worry. We’ve also pointed out the games you might want to consider.

Loud Talker

Love to chat loud with other people? Stay away from the slots. For one, if a slot bank is fairly empty, you won’t have many people around to chat with. And if there is someone around, they might not want to engage in conversation. Slot players tend to love staying focused on spinning and winning, without much care for chatting about the game, especially those slot players who are introverts.

If you feel the need to chat with others, try the Craps table. There, you’ll find people who love playing, screaming, cheering, and high fiving each other. And Craps is generally a communal game that breeds true camaraderie.


If you’re the quiet type of casino player, whatever you do, stay away from the Roulette table. Things can get exceptionally loud at the table, particularly between spins and if you’re dealing with a crowded table. For quieter action, we recommend hitting the poker room at the casino. Yes, things can get loud. But if you’re a great poker player, staying quiet could work wonders, particularly if you’re a great bluffer.

If communal poker isn’t your thing, consider trying Video Poker. They’re solo machines, so you can enjoy winning without having to talk to people. Not into cards at all? Slot machines are always a good bet.


If you’re a really anxious type of casino player, there isn’t necessarily a one size fits all solution in terms of the casino game you want to play. But let’s break this down a little to talk about your type of anxiety.

If you’re anxious in the sense that you can’t wait to sit down at a table and get money for a stack of chips, we recommend avoiding casinos altogether on a weekend, particularly if it’s a busy one. Instead, opt for online. If you head to a land-based casino, you could risk having to wait forever for a table. And if you’re anxious about it, that’s bad news.

If your anxiety stems from dealing with big win and loss swings (particularly the losing side of the equation), again, we’re going to recommend online casino games. That’s because when you play online, you can actually play for free (at least that’s the case at The Virtual Casino). While playing for pretend money could still cause some anxiety, it might be lessened by the fact that you’re not risking real money.


Got an iron stomach? Then you’ll want to steer clear of games like Casino War. While fun, the you-vs-dealer game where the high card wins doesn’t involve taking many chances. You simply place a bet, wait for your card, wait for your dealer cards, and sit back to see who won. It’s one of the safest casino games around.

If you’re absolute fearless at the tables, head straight for the Roulette table instead. That’s because at game like Blackjack and War, you’re dealing with 1:1 payouts for the most part, aside from payouts that come from bonus bets, hitting Blackjack or going to war and tying on that war. But Roulette as entirely different ball of wax. You can place a bet down on a single number and if it hits, you’ll find yourself sitting on 35:1 payouts. That means betting $25 on a single number would get you $875.

Roulette comes with so many different betting options, so you can adjust your bet type based on how fearless or fearful you might be feeling at any given moment.

Scared or New to Gambling

If you’re not a fan of betting big, stay away from anything related to the High Rollers room. And if you’re playing live, we recommend strolling the casino floor before you sit down anywhere. One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is seeing a $50 Blackjack table and assuming that Blackjack is off limits. But the truth is casinos offer tables with varying limits. So just because you saw a $50 table, it doesn’t mean there’s a $5 table lurking around the corner.

If $5 is too rich, try free online casinos like The Virtual Casino. You can try play money games without having to risk one real red cent.

Find the perfect game now at The Virtual Casino

Look for the right game to play now that you know what to avoid? Join us at The Virtual Casino for an unforgettable online casino experience any time of day. To get started, all you need is a free account. If you don’t yet have one, set one up right now using a few pieces of information and you’ll be good to go.

You can access the best table games, video poker machines, slots, and specialty games from your Mac or PC. Plus, many popular titles are also available to play on the go on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet.

You can play for free using a complimentary play money balance. Or, when you’re ready, play for real by making a simple deposit. You’ll even enjoy a welcome bonus so you’ll have even more to play with off the bat — perfect in case you end up accidentally playing one of the casino games we told you to avoid.

Online Slots Terminology

Are you a new slots games player? Not sure you are getting the right grip of the game? It is a well known fact that casino games tend to have their own slang and terminology, it is always important to get familiar with them in order to play the game wisely. Slots have their very own terms as well, and as a player it is imperative that you know it by heart. We have created a small list of the most common online slots terminology to help you understand the game a little better.

The terminology we are including on this article could come in handy for every type of player: beginners and veteran players might encounter a couple of things that they were probably not so familiar with and improve their game a little. Let’s take a look at our online slots terminology “dictionary:

Coin size: This does not refer to the size of the coin as well; you don’t really use coins to play online slots. This is referring to the amount you want to bet per line on your game.

Credit meter: This is a little screen that tells you how much credit you have to play with. It is more often seen on land based slot machines; however it is also used on the online slot versions in some cases.

First deposit bonus: If you are playing at an online casino for the first time, they will provide you with a sign up bonus which increases the amount of money you will be playing with.

Max Bet: The maximum bet you are allowed to play on each spin.

Onesies: Players that who bet only one coin per spin.

Pay-line: These are the directions or ways in which the symbols can be lined up in order to get a winning combination. These can be tricky on online slot machines that have many paylines; it is recommended that you check how are the pay lines on each game you play for the first time before hand.

Payout: When you are playing at any slot machine, winnings pay out in relation to the amount of money that is put in, stated as a percentage (payout percentage).

Progressive Jackpot: The top jackpot that grows progressively as more players bet on the game. This is something very interesting: Slot machines are often linked together among several online casinos which mean more players put in more money in and create all together a much larger combined jackpot.

Static Jackpot: A jackpot that is pre-determined and doesn’t change.

Scatter Symbol: These are symbols specifically related to a game. How they work I when two or more of them appear anywhere on your reels, which means a bonus game is activated or features free spins.

Wild Symbol: This is a term was stolen from Poker: as you probably know, in Poker certain cards in the deck can substitute any other card make a winning combination, it works the same in online slots. The Wild Symbol can substitute for any other symbol (except for Scatter symbols) and help you win.

Pay outs at Online Casino: how do they work?

Have you ever tried to play at an online casino? If not, you probably have lots of questions before actually trying it out. Perhaps you would like to try online casino poker tournaments but are not really sure on how they work, how do you join, but most importantly: how do you cash out if you win?

Of course it is important to know that when you go ahead and do an online casino deposit, you are basically doing the exact same thing you would at a land based casino: using some of your cash to play a game. Of course, at a land based casino you will probably get your winnings paid off to you right away, while casinos online work a little different. Here is a quick online casino guide to help you understand how pay outs work on these websites, how long will you have to wait to get your winnings into your hands and some of the reasons why this process is a little bit longer than one would enjoy:

It is very important to keep in mind that each casino will probably have their own rules and terms when it comes to casino withdrawals and that you need to make sure you fully understand those at the time you want to request a payout.  At The Virtual Casino, we have our own way to handle everything: from your online casino deposit to your cash out goes through a very secure process. This is how it works:

To be able to withdraw money, the first step is to log into your casino account and clicking on the cashier button, this will take you into your main screen, look for the WITHDRAW MONEY button and click on it.

There are several withdrawal methods that will immediately display, in our case we offer: Click2pay, MG Cash, Neteller, Overnight Express (Check), UsemyWallet, Wire Transfer or WU Cash. It is important to keep in mind that most cash out methods will charge you a fee for their service. If you are not familiar with these fees, you can contact the Customer Service Department at The Virtual Casino and they will give you all the pertinent information.

After you have requested your pay out and have chosen a payment method, the request is submitted to the Withdrawals Department where your personal information will be checked out to make sure no one is trying to use your account in a fraudulent way, also, there are different rules regarding withdrawals: if for example you used a bonus, a free chip or a coupon code, they all have different cash out rules, which will be verified by the Withdrawals agents. If the withdrawal request does not meet the requirements, it will be denied within 72 hours after the request has been made.

In the case that the withdrawal does meet all cash out requirements, the approval takes within 10-15 business days of the date the withdrawal was requested. The reason why this takes so long is mostly because all the personal information needs to be verified in detail. After you request is approved, you will receive notification within 48 hours of the approval. At this moment you are required to verify all personal information one last time and will be given the choices of current payout options.

For each type of withdrawal request, there is certain documentation involved and the player need to comply with all of it in order for the withdrawal will be processed.

Another important thing to remember is that there are weekly cash out limits, in the case of The Virtual Casino, we have a max cash-out of $2,000.00 per week, however depending on your player status these can be higher, for example if you are a VIP player.

When will I finally get my money?

In most cases, payments are made within 7 –10 business days of approval; yet this is not an exact estimate as you can see and there is the possibility of a slight delay every once in a while, these mostly because of the banking issues currently undergoing gambling activities. Depending on the payment method you chose, the payment dates may also vary.

So now that you have a clearer idea on how do casino pay outs work, and have a better sense of the security methods used to make sure you receive your money, you might feel a bit less hesitant about doing a deposit to play, don’t you?

Blackjack Winning Strategies

MC Frontalot Dealing BlackjackPerhaps you had not heard that there is such a thing as professional Blackjack teams. Well, let me tell you there are and they are groups of professional blackjack players that operate altogether employing advanced gaming techniques to create a positive expectation.

Blackjack teams expect that for every $100 wagered, they will get a return that is greater than $100. Some of the techniques they use are card counting, shuffling tracking and hole carding. They may only bet on low stakes blackjack tables or they may pick the riskier bets.

One of the biggest Blackjack teams out there is the MIT Blackjack Team. They were not the first to operate as a team but they are famous because they have been operating together for over 12 years. The group was formed after the university held a mini-course called “How to Gamble if You Must” and JP Massar was absolutely fascinated by it and decided to start the team.

At first, he was not very successful as a gambler but in 1980 he met Bill Kaplan, who had been running a successful Blackjack team for three years in Las Vegas. Kaplan became MIT’s team advisor and fixed some fundamental mistakes they were making, which was mainly using wrong card counting techniques.

The conditions to form the MIT Blackjack Team were that the team would have formal management procedures, a dedicated card counting and betting system, strict training, player approval processes and meticulous tracking of all casino play.

The team was formally established on August 1st, 1980 and they invested $89,000 and gathered 10 players. The members managed to earn about $80 per hour and they got an annualized return of 250% of their investment.

By 1989 the team had 70 active members but it was then when everyone began to lose interest. As years went by it became more difficult to manage the team and to get new members, original founders Massar and Kaplan tried to restructure the team renaming it Strategic Investments. However, casinos around the US started banning players in the team after figuring out their techniques and the team was dismantled on Dcember 31st, 1993.

Calculating the House Edge in Craps

Calculating House Edge on CrapsToday, I will continue with my past article which was about how to calculate the house edge when playing Craps. As I said, the same method that we used for the rest of the games cannot be applied with Craps because most of the commonly based bets in Craps are not decided in a single roll, unlike Roulette in which all bets are decided in one single spin.

In theory, when it comes to Craps a player can keep on rolling for a whole hour without the Pass Bet being settled if neither the point nor 7 is rolled again any time. In this case, the Pass Bet is known and the player is able to estimate that they can make 60 rolls per hour but they cannot estimate the expected loss per hour. On the other hand, if the player is given the value of the house edge per roll for the Pass Bet they will be able to compute the expected hourly loss as in the same way as I explained in my last article.

Luckily for Craps players, the house edge per roll can be computed using advanced statistics to determine the average number of rolls required to complete each bet in Craps. Universally, the house edge for the Pass Bet is 3.38. You must notice that what this means is that if a player places the Pass Bet 1,00 times and each time the number of rolls it took to complete the bet is recorded, they will find that the average is very close 3.38. After this, to determine the house edge per roll, we will divide the house edge by the average number of rolls required to complete the bet.

For example the Pass Bet in Craps has a house edge of 1.41% so the house edge per roll is 1.41%/3.38 which means that if a player wagers $100 every time on a fresh Pass Bet they can expect to lose about $0.42 on each roll and on 60 rolls (hypothetically done in one hour) he can expect to lose $25.50.

This is a list of the house edges per roll for some of the other bets in Craps:*

Don’t Pass: 0.40%
Place 6, 8: 0.46%
Place 5, 9: 1.11%
Place 4, 10: 1.67%
Big 6, 8: 2.78%
Hard 4, 8: 2.78%

*Taken from

Estimating the House Edge for Casino Games

When a player wants to estimate the expected loss per hour in any game, they must be able to estimate how many events take place in an hour. In this way the player will be able to determine what is called the “house edge” which is the proportion of each bet that the house expects to take in the long run. It is important to know this because it will give you a better idea of how to manage your bankroll and estimate your losses and possible winnings.

To make this clearer let me give you an example, the Pass Bet in Craps has a house edge of 1.41% which means that if a player wagers on this bet continuously, for every $100 wagered the house expects to get $1.41 and the players can expect to get $98.59 back.

In order to estimate how much you would lose in a game during one hour you can easily compute this from the house edge per bet. To be able to do this the player needs to estimate how many events take place in an hour. In roulette the player needs to know how many spins he can get in an hour and to do that you can easily play online casino games for ten minutes and log the number of spins you get and extrapolate from there.

Once you have done that you can know that the house edge in European Roulette at any casino is always 2.70%, so say there are 60 spins in an hour (hypothetically) and a player wagers $100 in every bet, he can expect to lose $2.70 per bet and with 60 bets in an hour he will expect to lose $162 to the house in one hour.*

This method works for almost every online casino game, the only exception is when you play Craps but we will look at hot to calculate the house edge for this game and other important notes.

When will I Hit the Jackpot? – How to Wager on Progressive Jackpots

Players who wish to make some money playing progressive jackpots should pay close attention to some basic strategic points that will enable them to achieve their goal. When you play progressive jackpots your strategic approach needs to be very detailed and there are some key points that you should always take into account.

A very important thing is that when you invest in progressive jackpots the funds should be invested in different places to guarantee small steady returns that will add up with time. Some other funds can be put at high risk because you must ve aware that a progressive jackpot does not guarantee returns, however, if you balance the way in which you wager the money you will have positive results.

The reason why you should spread the money in various jackpots is because if you wager only on highly volatile large payout jackpots that are hit once a year you may be stuck wagering all of your life without ever hitting any. However, if you limit yourself to wagering only on the frequent but small payout progressive jackpots you could be missing out on the opportunity of a life changing hit. Currently, online casinos like The Virtual Casino recognize that players have a need to balance their wagering and provide both kinds of progressive slots.

At this point, you may be wondering how much money should you put into both types of progressive jackpots. Well, there is no simple answer for that but I will try to give my best recommendation. As a player you must be able to assess your own risk taking propensity. This is by no means simple but something you can consider is that if you are wagering mainly for fun and small amounts of money you should go anead and enjoy the slot machines that hit more frequently and your bankroll will grow. On the other hand, if you just made a big win or have a large bankroll then you can wager larger amount on the high payout jackpots, however I strongly advice that you do not depend on assuming that you will hit it and your life will change.

Finally, my advice is that you make responsible decisions like a responsible gambler.

Can I Really Profit From Online Gambling?

We have been talking about the reasons as to why online gambling is enjoyable. One of them that I am sure stood up to you was the fact that you can profit from this entertaining activity. Currently, online casinos have become extremely popular, even more popular than brick and mortar casinos. A reason as to why this has happened is because online gambling is a more convenient way to profit from the comfort of your own home.

What can be better than making money from your house? Everybody dreams of a home-based ob, but online gambling is not a job, it is a fun activity that can give you money. However, sometimes players are not so sure of why online gambling is a good way to profit and most players wonder at some point what their real chances of winning money are.

To be honest, it is not that simple to make a lot of money in casinos. It can be difficult and it might take you some time to learn how to be successful and be one of those in the list of winners at your favorite casino. From my experience in playing at online casinos I would say that the biggest secret to profiting from online gambling is knowing the odds. Online gambling is a game based on chance so luck will play a big part in it, however if you know the odds of the game well and apply them properly on a regular basis you will notice that you will accumulate profits in the long run.

An online gambler who knows what they are doing can keep they calm even when witnessing huge losses because they know they have been controlling the odds and that it is only a matter of time for them to fall in their place. We also recommend that you are cautious, if you log into The Virtual Casino and realize you are losing too much money you are probably not keeping your serenity nor thinking about the game seriously, so back off and sometimes it is also good to log off.

A seasoned and experienced online gambler knows when to back off and they also know how to be real winners by controlling their odds. In the future, I will try to post on strategy and game odds to make this information available to our readers.

Then again if you find a day where everything is going wrong from the early morning, be cautious it is not a good day for you to weigh up any kind of gambling, especially online. It may lead to catastrophes only.

The history of the Card Deck

People began playing cards many centuries ago. All the rules and strategies for the game have been developing since early times and most people do not realize that there is something called the history of card games. There have been defining moments in the history of cards that have caused the games to evolve. I read about this topic at the Casino Advisor and I thought it was interesting to learn it which is why I will share some of the history of playing card games with you today.

Historians have stated that the origin of card games is China. The Chinese royalty has records of playing card games from as early as the ninth century. Back then they played with four suits and the numbers 2 to 9 in each one of them. The merchants then brought card games from China to India, the Middle East and Egypt.

The card games we know today became developing in Egypt around the 12th century. The Egyptians started playing around the time of the Mamluk Sultans and the 52 cards deck came to be known as the Mameluke deck. The suits were polo sticks, coins, swords and cups and each one had ten number cards, they also had three court cards named King, Viceroy and Under Deputy and they had abstract designs and not people on them.

The earliest authentic reference to playing cards in the West is in Europe from Spain in 1371. After that date there have been a lot of references found in Europe. The first playing cards were hand made from woodcuts and later from engravings. Cards began being mass printed later and the cards all across Europe were different with different designs, symbols and names. The suits as we know them today, spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts come from France in the 15th century. Ultimately the rest of Europe accepted the standardizes design anf the court cards were named King, Knight and Knave, later the Queen replaced the Knight.

In the 17th century the introduction of the indices at the corner came and it was important because cards could be recognized without spreading them wide and could be held with one hand. This was when the Knave was replaced by the Jack, because following the indices lead to confussion between the King (K) and the Knive (Kn).

In the 18th century came the design of reversible count cards. All the way until then the court cards were designed as full length figures. Some players would turn the court cards to make them upright and this often revealed the nature of the card. With the reversible court cards this problem was solved. Card games were also being played in America at the time and the Joker was invented here around 1870.

Find more about Card Games here