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Top 100 Facebook Games of 2011

When you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more game applications on Facebook, the social network decides to reveal what the most popular Facebook games are. Here’s the list:

  • Gardens of Time (By Playdom) a Flash hidden object game (HOG)
  • The Sims Social (By EA) created for Facebook and launched in Aug. 2011, it’s the most recent sequel of the popular game
  • Cityville (By Zynga) Launched in 2010 as the 1st international social game for Zynga
  • DoubleDown Casino (by DoubleDown Interactive) The application offers Free Slots, Blackjack & Poker
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World (By Zynga) Based on the most successful movie franchises, this is a different version of the regular Adventure World, which already boasted 9 million users a month.
  • Words With Friends (By Zynga) A word building game, created with Droid, iPhone/iPad Facebook users in mind.
  • Bingo Blitz (By Buffalo Studios)  A fast paced game of bingo with much more excitement than the original bingo games anywhere.
  • Empires Allies (By Zynga) A very young game launched this year, a mythical war game that hit 5 million users on the first day.
  • Slotomania (By Playtika) A game about the casino’s favorite attraction: slot machines featuring many machines, free games and bonus rounds.
  • Diamond Dash (By wooga) Developed by Wooga, a leading European Facebook games developer, this puzzle game is like Bejeweled on steroids.

Obviously, our opinion would be unfairly biased simply because The Virtual casino has the best casino games in the entire universe, but…if you love these games, then congrats. You’ve been playing the most popular games this 2011.

For those of you who, in the contrary, will unfriend the next person who invites you to one of these we have a solution for you. Since we know that receiving these unsolicited  game invitations from thoughtless friends is truly annoying to say the least, we’re explaining here, how you can start blocking game requests on Facebook.

Current state of North American Gambling Law

For the past 4 years, ever since a prominent UK Gaming CEO was arrested in the US, the law concerning internet gaming in both the US and Canada has been in a state of flux. Due to a gaming “clause” snuck into a security Port bill by Bush’s Republicans, incredible pressure was put on the banking systems particularly Visa to conform. The action that the banks were ordered to take over the next 36 months was to stop allowing transactions coded as gaming from being processed through any US based banks. 

There are as many opinions as there are those holding them concerning the real reasons behind the “so called” gambling ban. We are calling it so called because with the exception of a few states like Utah, there actually isn’t a gambling ban per se. What the port bill addendum did was to crack down on the banking system that underpins online gaming finance. When I first heard about this port bill, like many others I was baffled.

“Port Bill? What was or what is that?”, many thousands of us asked. Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. Its drafted legistlation regarding security of America’s ports ( think ships and entry points ). So,  back to the point, what does a Port Bill have to do with gaming law? The truth is nothing but once this addendum regarding gaming was tacked on and pushed quickly through a senate that was unprepared, it was law irrespective of whether the proper channels were used.

So, here we are 3 almost 4 years later and what other than the overt stoppage of credit card usage has been accomplished?

– Many US players are pretending to be Canadian
– Most US online players are playing quite naturally underground
– UK Whitelisted sites have given up/sold their US customer lists
– Poker is twice the size pre Port Bill, most would agree that its simply thriving
– Each year more Vegas based Sports Betting moves to Costa Rica
– Estimated annual value of the worldwide online gambling industry, now up to $20 Billion
– Nothing to do with online gambling but Macau finally overtakes Vegas as the worlds largest gaming hub
-And my favorite – Vegas has had 3 more glorious years to figure out how to jump on the online gaming bandwagon.

Ok, so all of that is old. Let’s look at what’s new.

Calvin Eyre admits on a nationally televised and syndicated TV show that he has sold his [Billion Dollar] gaming interests to the Kawanakee group at the Mohawk Indian reserve just outside of Montreal.

British Columbia admitted it couldn’t stop the hundreds of millions of dollars going overseas and in a rare show of unity simply  approved online gaming – once its done at their own online facility ( No, we are not going to tell you the name, lol ). Thus becoming the first province/state in North America to legalize gambling.

Then on August 7th the Ontario Government admits that it too might follow British Columbia’s lead as the “…US and other jurisdictions are eyeing the payoff from legalized online gaming.”
Provincial Premier, Dalton McGinty admits, “… in a perfect world Ontario would have not had to rely on gambling revenue at all, but he acknowledges the government needs the cash.

In the meantime, on the US front, on August 10th it was reported that Representative Barney Frank is now closer to bringing his online gambling legislation before the entire House, after picking up his seventieth co-sponsor for the bill. Rep. John Campbell who  signed on at the end of July.

The past couple of weeks have been good for online gamblers in the US. First, Rep. Frank held a hearing on H.R. 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act in which representatives both for and against the legislation spoke.

The biggest concern however is that with both republican and democratic support required and it being so close to elections, many necessary representatives who might ordinarily support the bill may be squeamish of putting their name to something that could be used against them in upcoming months.

If the bill eventually passes the House, it will still need the support of the Senate before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is officially overturned. What Bush’s team sneakily attached to that Port Security Bill nearly 4 years ago is going to take the support of the full Senate to overturn.

However, Canadian Provinces breaking their historical lockstep movement with US law in a bid for closing doors on the hundreds of millions flowing outward is going to put even more fiscal pressure on the US Legislators to do something to stem the leak of billions in tax revenue.

Casino Bonuses

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Unlawful Internet Gambling Act has affected low stakes players

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) came into effect on June 1st, 2010. The legislation requires all financial insitutions to not process transactions with online gambling companies, hence it impedes players from depositting at their favorite online gambling sites. It is important to notice that the UIGEA does not make online gambling illegal, but it only makes it illegal to deposit and withdraw from the sites.

The first effect of the UIGEA implementation has been a significant raise in the minimum deposit requirement at online gambling sites. Some online gambling sites have almost doubled their minimum deposit requirement and some say it is because the cost of processing transactions through credit cards has gone up, but this is debatable.

The bad news is that this new measure has affected the low stakes players who like putting small amounts of money into online gambling sites and have fun without risking a lot of money. The numbers will probably go down at online casinos as there are a lot of players who concentrate on the low stakes.

The word around the internet forums is that the UIGEA has only been successful in preventing online gambling from being taxed and regulated as a legal activity in the United States. A lot of online gamblers do not think this new measure will prevent everyone from playing casino games online and will definitely not help people who suffer of online gambling addiction.

Personally, I think it is true. Players continue to be successful in depositting into online casinos and poker sites but they often get the feeling that they are doing something wrong. I want to make it clear that online gambling is not an illegal activity and the way in which the US Federal Government is trying to tackle the problem gambler issue is proving to be unsuccessful.

England vs. USA Match and How it Feels to Lose Money Gambling

I just got back from the bar after having lost a considerable amount of money on bets made on the England vs. USA World Cup match. I bet that it would end up 2-1 (of course I will not say who I was supporting as we want to keep all of our audiences haha) but it ended 1-1 and I lost.

It was quite a bummer, and I thought I should write something on how to deal with the feeling of having lost a big amount of money.

Many times in my online gambling experience have I lost money I did not feel ready to lose. However, I realize that when adding all the winnings and subtracting all the losses I am still on the positive side of the equation, though it still feels bad to lose.

I have managed to deal with the feeling by staying positive. Many times players are psychologically affected by losses and they start getting slappy at gambling in an attempt to get their winning back quickly.

From my experience I can tell you that this never works, after a big loss you should take some time to breathe as you will need a lot of patience to win that money back.

If you are overwhelmed by the loss then you should really ask yourself if you are ready to go back to the tables, because if you are not you might be setting yourself up for even greater losses.

Be patient, and slowly build your bankroll up so that you can win you money back and hopefully even some more. Everyone experiences unexpected losses, but if you want to be a winner you need to handle them wisely and not let them get the best of you as a gambler.

Online Casino Gambling seen as Taboo on Facebook and Twitter

As social media websites like Facebook and Twitter take over the entire online realm, every internet-based industry is looking for ways to inject a little social networking into their services. Travel sites allow users to create profiles and share pictures, online shops give users the chance to show off what they have bought and how their outfits have been put together, and now online casinos are launching “social betting” games – but, so far, they’ve failed.

Some examples of this are travel sites which now allow users to create profiles, share pictures and talk to each other, as a result their number of users have gone up and they have gained popularity. Within the online casino world some online gambling sites are starting to offer social betting games but they do not seem to be very successful at it.

According to a report by EGR Magazine it was stated that “betting is simply not a social activity”. Often enough, betting online is compared to other industries like pornography in the form that it is a taboo. Internet casino gambling, unlike online poker and bingo, is almost a secretive activity amongst many of its users.

I believe that this is a result of mistaken ideas about addiction and underage gambling. Society, the government and other entities have managed to turn these issues into taboos instead of looking for a proactive solution to them. A big step forward has been the launch of government-run gambling websites and state lotteries which helped present casinos in a more clear light as it helps governments gain revenue that can be directed to the development of social programs.

It is important to make others realize that there is nothing wrong with online gambling, it is a hobby like any other hobby. I understand that sometimes I may not comment on my gambling activities because I do not want my friends to know the results (if I lose shame on me, if I win they want me to buy the drinks on Friday night lol) but the fact that I do it is not something that I believe should remain in the dark.´

10 Reasons Why I am an Online Gambler – Part III

So today we are down to the final three reasons as to why I like to gamble online. It has really not been that hard to come up with 10 and I encourage everyone to do this so that you can fully appreciate how marvelous of a hobby this is and all the facilities that it offers.

3. Availability. Unlike brick and mortar casinos which have schedules and close at certain times, you can gamble online at any time of the day. Apart from that you can also gamble online from wherever you are if you have an Internet connection so it is a great way to pass time when you are waiting for your flight at the airport or standing in line at the bank or somewhere similar.

2. It is Real Money. The good thing about online casinos is that people are not able to bet money that they do not already have, or at least that they have already deposited into their account. When you win money at online gambling it is immediately put into your account and you do not need to stand in line to cash out and will not be scammed by gamblers who have no money to bet.

1. It is cool. It does not matter what they say, it does not matter that they give me disapproval looks, they might question my ways of making money and/or having fun… I still know that whenever I get the question “What type of activities do you do?” and I say I gamble online the person standing in front of me is thinking deep inside that I do the coolest thing on Earth and they wish they could do the same.

Online gambling is a great way to enjoy yourself and even a chance to make some money in your free time (or depending on how good you are you might consider taking it professionally). As I said before, share your top 10 reasons with us so that we know why our readers enjoy playing at The Virtual Casino.

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10 Reasons Why I am an Online Gambler – Part II

Yesterday I shared with you Virtual Casino Blog readers the first four reasons of why I enjoy online gambling so much. Sometimes, I feel like I need to justify myself to people when I tell them what I do because it is not always seen as an interesting thing to do. However, doing this exercise made me realize that I do have valid and legit reasons to enjoy this and that I do not need to justify myself to people who do not even know what they are talking about. Anyway, here are the next three reasons as to why I am an online gambler:

6. Multiculturalism. I know this is a type of odd reason, but I am very interested in other countries and cultures and to be at an online table where I can chat with people from 9 different countries is just fascinating. I know that our meeting on a chat window will not be meaningful nor life-changing but the fact that I have got to ask them about food and traditions there has really sparked my interest in other cultures even more.

5. It is comfortable. I love the fact that you can do it from home and not care about how you look. In a b&m casino there is an implied dress code but when you gamble online you are just free to sit around in your pyjamas and still gamble!

4. Variety. When you gamble online you are presented with one of the widest range of options that you will ever run across in your life. You are able to choose from more than 300 online casino sites (to be honest I really do not know how many online casinos are out there, so I am just guessing) and in those websites there is a wide variety of games to choose from. The best part is that all of these are only one click away!

Come back to our website tomorrow to find out about the final three reasons as to why I am an online gambler. Please feel free to share yours here, as I said we might be able to put up a post with the 10 top reasons why our readers like to online gamble.

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10 Reasons Why I am an Online Gambler

I have been thinking for the past couple of days about why I am an online gambler. There are a lot of reasons to be one, as well as there are a lot of reasons to not be one, but I decided that I would sit down and write at least 10 – not just good, but great! – reasons of why I enjoy this so much.

10. It is fun and entertaining. As obvious as this may sound, it is a fact that gambling online is fun and entertaining. Sometimes I do not even know where time has flown to because I was just so entertained by my game that it is already dinner time!

9. It is motivating. I have realized that I like gambling and that I want to become better at it so I have a big desire to learn and to improve myself. It is a fun and entertaining process to find out what mistakes you have been making and the satisfaction you get when you win some money because you did something right. This feeling that I get during very few occasions motivates me to study the games with passion and want to prove myself that I can be better at it.

8. I love the adrenaline. There is something about gambling in general that just triggers your adrenaline switch. It might be the fact that there is real money on the line and that it could be gone at any point. Whether it is at a b&m casino or at an online casino, I witness the games with emotion and sometimes when you lose big sums it can be soul destroying but if you jump into the action this is a risk you must assume.

7. It can be profitable. Whereas this may not be true for all players, if you are good at the games online gambling can be a realistically profitable activity. I used to be a hardcore poker player but I always played at the micro-stakes and I can say that it was not too hard to make a couple extra hundreds every month out of enjoying myself at the tables.

So those are my first four reasons, come back to the blog tomorrow to find the rest of the 10 Reasons Why I am an Online Gambler. If you have better reasons go ahead and post them so maybe we can put together a post about why our players enjoy online gambling.

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