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Casino games you might want to avoid


Seems odd, right? For an online casino to tell you to avoid certain casino games is a little bit counterproductive. We want you to play casino games, yes. Hey, that’s our business model and why we exist, at the end of the day. But we want you to play the right casino games, not just any old casino game. We’re casino players too and we know that not every single game is for everyone. In fact, it goes deeper than that.

The truth is that some casino games should be avoided at all costs by certain types of players. Today, we’ve identified fives types of players and called out the games we recommend they stay away from. If you fall into one of these categories, don’t worry. We’ve also pointed out the games you might want to consider.

Loud Talker

Love to chat loud with other people? Stay away from the slots. For one, if a slot bank is fairly empty, you won’t have many people around to chat with. And if there is someone around, they might not want to engage in conversation. Slot players tend to love staying focused on spinning and winning, without much care for chatting about the game, especially those slot players who are introverts.

If you feel the need to chat with others, try the Craps table. There, you’ll find people who love playing, screaming, cheering, and high fiving each other. And Craps is generally a communal game that breeds true camaraderie.


If you’re the quiet type of casino player, whatever you do, stay away from the Roulette table. Things can get exceptionally loud at the table, particularly between spins and if you’re dealing with a crowded table. For quieter action, we recommend hitting the poker room at the casino. Yes, things can get loud. But if you’re a great poker player, staying quiet could work wonders, particularly if you’re a great bluffer.

If communal poker isn’t your thing, consider trying Video Poker. They’re solo machines, so you can enjoy winning without having to talk to people. Not into cards at all? Slot machines are always a good bet.


If you’re a really anxious type of casino player, there isn’t necessarily a one size fits all solution in terms of the casino game you want to play. But let’s break this down a little to talk about your type of anxiety.

If you’re anxious in the sense that you can’t wait to sit down at a table and get money for a stack of chips, we recommend avoiding casinos altogether on a weekend, particularly if it’s a busy one. Instead, opt for online. If you head to a land-based casino, you could risk having to wait forever for a table. And if you’re anxious about it, that’s bad news.

If your anxiety stems from dealing with big win and loss swings (particularly the losing side of the equation), again, we’re going to recommend online casino games. That’s because when you play online, you can actually play for free (at least that’s the case at The Virtual Casino). While playing for pretend money could still cause some anxiety, it might be lessened by the fact that you’re not risking real money.


Got an iron stomach? Then you’ll want to steer clear of games like Casino War. While fun, the you-vs-dealer game where the high card wins doesn’t involve taking many chances. You simply place a bet, wait for your card, wait for your dealer cards, and sit back to see who won. It’s one of the safest casino games around.

If you’re absolute fearless at the tables, head straight for the Roulette table instead. That’s because at game like Blackjack and War, you’re dealing with 1:1 payouts for the most part, aside from payouts that come from bonus bets, hitting Blackjack or going to war and tying on that war. But Roulette as entirely different ball of wax. You can place a bet down on a single number and if it hits, you’ll find yourself sitting on 35:1 payouts. That means betting $25 on a single number would get you $875.

Roulette comes with so many different betting options, so you can adjust your bet type based on how fearless or fearful you might be feeling at any given moment.

Scared or New to Gambling

If you’re not a fan of betting big, stay away from anything related to the High Rollers room. And if you’re playing live, we recommend strolling the casino floor before you sit down anywhere. One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is seeing a $50 Blackjack table and assuming that Blackjack is off limits. But the truth is casinos offer tables with varying limits. So just because you saw a $50 table, it doesn’t mean there’s a $5 table lurking around the corner.

If $5 is too rich, try free online casinos like The Virtual Casino. You can try play money games without having to risk one real red cent.

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You can play for free using a complimentary play money balance. Or, when you’re ready, play for real by making a simple deposit. You’ll even enjoy a welcome bonus so you’ll have even more to play with off the bat — perfect in case you end up accidentally playing one of the casino games we told you to avoid.

Blackjack Winning Strategies

MC Frontalot Dealing BlackjackPerhaps you had not heard that there is such a thing as professional Blackjack teams. Well, let me tell you there are and they are groups of professional blackjack players that operate altogether employing advanced gaming techniques to create a positive expectation.

Blackjack teams expect that for every $100 wagered, they will get a return that is greater than $100. Some of the techniques they use are card counting, shuffling tracking and hole carding. They may only bet on low stakes blackjack tables or they may pick the riskier bets.

One of the biggest Blackjack teams out there is the MIT Blackjack Team. They were not the first to operate as a team but they are famous because they have been operating together for over 12 years. The group was formed after the university held a mini-course called “How to Gamble if You Must” and JP Massar was absolutely fascinated by it and decided to start the team.

At first, he was not very successful as a gambler but in 1980 he met Bill Kaplan, who had been running a successful Blackjack team for three years in Las Vegas. Kaplan became MIT’s team advisor and fixed some fundamental mistakes they were making, which was mainly using wrong card counting techniques.

The conditions to form the MIT Blackjack Team were that the team would have formal management procedures, a dedicated card counting and betting system, strict training, player approval processes and meticulous tracking of all casino play.

The team was formally established on August 1st, 1980 and they invested $89,000 and gathered 10 players. The members managed to earn about $80 per hour and they got an annualized return of 250% of their investment.

By 1989 the team had 70 active members but it was then when everyone began to lose interest. As years went by it became more difficult to manage the team and to get new members, original founders Massar and Kaplan tried to restructure the team renaming it Strategic Investments. However, casinos around the US started banning players in the team after figuring out their techniques and the team was dismantled on Dcember 31st, 1993.

The Advantages of Playing Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games both at brick and mortar casinos and at online casinos. However, some players may have already noticed that there is a small difference to how blackjack is played on land and online. In this article we will discuss some of these differences to give players a rounded knowledge on the topic.

In blackjack, luck and skill are the main components and players need to know some strategic tips in order to be successful. A successful player will receive returns of 99% whereas a not so skilled one may be far away from 90%. In land casinos players are required to have memorized the strategy because it is not something they can figure out at the tables. However, when playing online players can use the strategy feature in the auto play option so that the software plays the game using the correct strategy. This is better for new players.

In land casinos players are also not allowed to carry the strategy card with them and strategy differs with the blackjack rules of every place so a player would have to memorize different strategies for different casinos. This problem will never be found online.

Another advantage of playing online blackjack is that at land based casinos only standard formats of blackjack are played. It is true that some casinos may follow the no hole card rule and in some casinos the dealer may be allowed to hit on a soft 17, but the basic game is not tweaked. When you play online there are blackjack variants that have been created to change the structure of the game like Double Exposure which gives players a chance to see both the dealer’s cards dealt face up so they can have more information but there are lower payouts.

I strongly encourage you to check out The Virtual Casino’s blackjack games and I am sure you will enjoy them greatly.

How to Pick a Game with Different Number of Decks Available? – Baccarat and Blackjack

At online casinos you will find a lot of card games as they are an integral part of online casino gaming. If you are used to poker as a card game you probably think that card games are played with only one deck. However, for other casino games, such as blackjack and baccarat, several decks are used and it is important to know this because the number of decks that are used in a casino game affect the house edge.

New players are often unaware of the number of decks used in the games but this is crucial information because it afects the average payout ratio and you could make the wrong choice if you do not know this.

At most casinos the decks vary from 1 to 8 in games like European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack amongst others. In Blackjack games the house edge increases as the number of decks in a game increases. To make this clearer, the house edge is the percentage of each dollar wageres that the casino keeps in the long run. For example, in MicroGaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack the house edge with 8 decks is 0.64%, the house edge with 2 decks is 0.40% and the house edge with 1 deck is 0.01%. But for MicroGaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack The house edge with 8 decks is 0.43%, the house edge with 2 decks is 0.18% and the house edge with 1 deck is -0.18%; meaning that in the long run the house will lose money.

Often, players like to venture into the games with higher number of decks because they are more realistic in resembling land-based casino environments, but players should be aware that there is a high price to pay for the thrill of playing multi hand games.

For Baccarat the deck situation is different. As you are able to choose to wager on one of three different bets (the Banker, the Tie and the Player) you should consider each one separetely. In the eight deck variant the house edge is 14.36%, which increases to 15.75% in the single deck variant. For the Player Bet the house edge is 1.24% with eight decks. Players who bet on the Banker often should stick to one deck Baccarat games; however if you, for some reason, like to bet on the Player you should go for Baccarat with eight decks. The Tie Bet has the highest edge for the house, so try to stay away from that one as often as possible.