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Casino Bonuses

Everybody has them. Everyone uses them and everyone benefits. So, you shouldn’t find
it extraordinary that we too have great casino promotions but what you should find
remarkable is the extent and size of our bonus promotions.

Matching deposits of 200% and even 300% are basically yesteryears’ left overs.
Matching Deposits of 400-500% ok, now that’s quite competitive right?

Well, suppose we told you that we don’t simply match at 500 or 600 or even 700 but
we do matching deposits at the astounding, “go broadcast to your entire fraternity”
rate of 1000%.

Incredible huh?

Yeah, we thought you would think so. Go ahead facebook this article and let your
Frat buddies or past alumni  know that you’re the smart one.

So, how does this rather interesting bit of casino bonus stuff actually work?

If you sign up and use the coupon code “WELCOME1000” this immediately gives you
access to the 800% signup bonus. This is good with any deposit of $25 or more.

Pretty cool so far, but the bonuses continue. Suppose you lose all your money –
sounds like something your girlfriend would say. But,…this never happens to me, by
the way. Ha ha,  of course it does, who are we kidding? Losing your money at a
casino happens all the time, right?

Well go ahead bet big, don’t be shy, because if you lose, you can redeem using the
bonus code above and get 100% of your deposit back as a cash back.

Wow, that makes it potentially 900%.

So, now you are asking, how about that 1000%. How do we get that? Ha ha, so you’re
as thirsty as I am huh? Fine, here is the last secret. Deposit $100 or more, use the
code above “WELCOME1000” and an extra 100% will be added to your initial bonus
amount automatically.

So, my friend, why are you still reading this?

Go impress your significant other, deposit $200 now and play like a king with $2000
in chips.