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Casino games you might want to avoid


Seems odd, right? For an online casino to tell you to avoid certain casino games is a little bit counterproductive. We want you to play casino games, yes. Hey, that’s our business model and why we exist, at the end of the day. But we want you to play the right casino games, not just any old casino game. We’re casino players too and we know that not every single game is for everyone. In fact, it goes deeper than that.

The truth is that some casino games should be avoided at all costs by certain types of players. Today, we’ve identified fives types of players and called out the games we recommend they stay away from. If you fall into one of these categories, don’t worry. We’ve also pointed out the games you might want to consider.

Loud Talker

Love to chat loud with other people? Stay away from the slots. For one, if a slot bank is fairly empty, you won’t have many people around to chat with. And if there is someone around, they might not want to engage in conversation. Slot players tend to love staying focused on spinning and winning, without much care for chatting about the game, especially those slot players who are introverts.

If you feel the need to chat with others, try the Craps table. There, you’ll find people who love playing, screaming, cheering, and high fiving each other. And Craps is generally a communal game that breeds true camaraderie.


If you’re the quiet type of casino player, whatever you do, stay away from the Roulette table. Things can get exceptionally loud at the table, particularly between spins and if you’re dealing with a crowded table. For quieter action, we recommend hitting the poker room at the casino. Yes, things can get loud. But if you’re a great poker player, staying quiet could work wonders, particularly if you’re a great bluffer.

If communal poker isn’t your thing, consider trying Video Poker. They’re solo machines, so you can enjoy winning without having to talk to people. Not into cards at all? Slot machines are always a good bet.


If you’re a really anxious type of casino player, there isn’t necessarily a one size fits all solution in terms of the casino game you want to play. But let’s break this down a little to talk about your type of anxiety.

If you’re anxious in the sense that you can’t wait to sit down at a table and get money for a stack of chips, we recommend avoiding casinos altogether on a weekend, particularly if it’s a busy one. Instead, opt for online. If you head to a land-based casino, you could risk having to wait forever for a table. And if you’re anxious about it, that’s bad news.

If your anxiety stems from dealing with big win and loss swings (particularly the losing side of the equation), again, we’re going to recommend online casino games. That’s because when you play online, you can actually play for free (at least that’s the case at The Virtual Casino). While playing for pretend money could still cause some anxiety, it might be lessened by the fact that you’re not risking real money.


Got an iron stomach? Then you’ll want to steer clear of games like Casino War. While fun, the you-vs-dealer game where the high card wins doesn’t involve taking many chances. You simply place a bet, wait for your card, wait for your dealer cards, and sit back to see who won. It’s one of the safest casino games around.

If you’re absolute fearless at the tables, head straight for the Roulette table instead. That’s because at game like Blackjack and War, you’re dealing with 1:1 payouts for the most part, aside from payouts that come from bonus bets, hitting Blackjack or going to war and tying on that war. But Roulette as entirely different ball of wax. You can place a bet down on a single number and if it hits, you’ll find yourself sitting on 35:1 payouts. That means betting $25 on a single number would get you $875.

Roulette comes with so many different betting options, so you can adjust your bet type based on how fearless or fearful you might be feeling at any given moment.

Scared or New to Gambling

If you’re not a fan of betting big, stay away from anything related to the High Rollers room. And if you’re playing live, we recommend strolling the casino floor before you sit down anywhere. One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is seeing a $50 Blackjack table and assuming that Blackjack is off limits. But the truth is casinos offer tables with varying limits. So just because you saw a $50 table, it doesn’t mean there’s a $5 table lurking around the corner.

If $5 is too rich, try free online casinos like The Virtual Casino. You can try play money games without having to risk one real red cent.

Find the perfect game now at The Virtual Casino

Look for the right game to play now that you know what to avoid? Join us at The Virtual Casino for an unforgettable online casino experience any time of day. To get started, all you need is a free account. If you don’t yet have one, set one up right now using a few pieces of information and you’ll be good to go.

You can access the best table games, video poker machines, slots, and specialty games from your Mac or PC. Plus, many popular titles are also available to play on the go on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet.

You can play for free using a complimentary play money balance. Or, when you’re ready, play for real by making a simple deposit. You’ll even enjoy a welcome bonus so you’ll have even more to play with off the bat — perfect in case you end up accidentally playing one of the casino games we told you to avoid.

Casino Game Skills to Hack Every Day Life

Believe it or not, casino games take some skill to win. Most people fell that these games are all luck and there is no skill that can be used to beat them. These players are usually the ones who are left with no chips on the table.

Your average person with some common sense can use certain skills to help gain an edge in most casino games. What’s even cooler is that these same skills can be carried over to one’s personal and professional life to help gain an edge there as well. Certain skills that one uses to beat casino games can also be used in your everyday life.


Math is a fundamental part of our lives. It’s used every day to solve the simplest problems. It’s used in casino games to calculate odds, count cards and more. A person who is good at math, or just ok at it can go a long way at the tables and in life.

If you take a look at some of the best poker players in the world, a lot of them have backgrounds in math. Players like Barry Greenstein at one time were computer engineers and have master’s degrees in math. Not that you need to have a masters in mathematics to be successful, but having a math mind set will almost always give u an edge in whatever you do in life.


This skill coincides with math as a person who is good at math is usually an analytical person. One who analyzes every possible outcome and uses all the information in front of them to make the best possible decision is a successful person in life and in the casinos.

Risk Taker

We never get ahead in life without taking risks. If you want to just get by and go unnoticed without any real excitement or opportunities, then by all means, play the conservative route. There is nothing wrong with this as it will lead to an average life most would enjoy.

However, if your one that is looking to make it to the top, you must be willing to take risks. I’m not talking about risking all your money on a hand of Blackjack; I’m speaking of calculated risks. At times you will be faced a decision that could pay great dividends. Whether its playing casino games or a decision that could affect your career, you take all the information at hand and decide whether the risk is worth it. At times the answer will be yes, but it’s whether you follow through with it that matters.

A gambler who never takes a shot at higher limits will never have the chance to win big. The one, who takes shots while still saving part of his bankroll, will have a higher probability to make more money by taking a calculated risk that can pay off huge returns.

All of these skills have one thing in common; they are all based on using the information you have at hand. A successful gambler will take everything in front of him and make the best possible decision for that moment. The same applies in real life, you would never accept a job without knowing how much it pays or what the hours were. Using a little common sense and some smarts, your casino skills can take you a long way.

If you were ever on the fence about playing casino games, you may want to start learning to play casino games now. The skills you learn may just land you that next promotion.

Share some of your skills that help you out in your life. Have you ever made an important decision that used the same logical thinking that you would use in a casino game? Share your stories of success as we love it when our readers have a great success story.

Most Popular Casino Games in 2012

Do you enjoy playing casino games? Do you go with your gut or with the trends? Some people tend to stick with a couple of choices while they play online casino games because those are the only games they know how to play. This is not the best way to take advantage of what online casinos have to offer: you can basically learn how to play any game at all with the help of fun money accounts, “how to” guides and excellent video tutorials you can find anywhere on the internet.

If you don’t know where to begin, here is a compilation of the most popular casino games nowadays and some of the reasons why people seem to love to just sit back play these games for hours! Let’s take a look at the coolest games people play on everyday basis:

Online Slot Machines

Slot machines are as old as your great grandmother and they never go out of style, believe it or not more and more people, no matter their age become avid users of online slot machines every year.

Usually known as the “one-armed bandit”, slots are classic casino games that anyone can play. You can find different types, themes and sizes and they are always filled with fun and jackpots! Definitely slot games will never lose they popularity among gamblers.

The main reason why slots are so popular is because they fulfill the most human desire any gambler can have: test their luck! Being a game that is based entirely on chance, there is really no way to be tricked and your luck plays the main role here.

Card Games

No matter which card game you play: blackjack, poker or even a simple game or War, card games are always among people’s favorite games to play at online casinos.

If you want to go ahead and learn how to play some of these card games, you can just choose to “Play for Fun” when you log in at the Virtual Casino and choose the game you wish to play: blackjack, different versions of poker and video poker are always available for anyone who wants to test their luck and skills.

By choosing to play for fun, you will have unlimited time to play with fun money until you learn some strategies and master the game. No need to spend your own money on practice, better save it for when you are ready to beat the house!

If it is your first time playing any of these games, we strongly recommend you search for video tutorials on them, you can find many of them on youtube and they will guide you through every step of the games.


If you are new here and want to play casino games online everyone knows how to play, then probably roulette, would be one of your choices. Roulette has been an old time favorite for many and the face casinos all over the world. This is a really easy game to play as you only have to choose a number and/or a color to bet on and you are good to go. There are of course many other strategies to make the best out your game…you should really try them out.

Other Cool Games, Not As Popular

There are other games, that although are played by thousands of people around the world, they seem to appeal certain kinds of people or locations, or maybe they seem a bit more complex to play and only players that are used to them choose to play them: Baccarat, Keno and Craps are listed among the games people seem to play less than others. Do you agree with this?

Kentucky Derby: Horses And Weird Names

A lot of people that enjoy betting and casino games are fans of horse races, and one of the most important Horse Racing Event will take place this weekend: The Kentucky Derby!

On May 5th all horse racing lovers will gather to put their money (fun or real) on the horse they feel will win and as some loose and some win big, we just can left aside one of the many entertaining aspects of this activity: horse names.

Over time we have been able to see pretty weird and funny names, so we decided to pick the weirdest horse names in the Kentucky Derby. As a matter of fact, 60,000 names are submitted each year to The Jockey Club, yes that is basically 60.000 of the weirdest names you can name an animal. Without further ado, here they are, hope you have as much fun as we did collecting them!

10. Bien Feo – As English speakers this really doesn’t sound like anything but funny…however in Spanish it does mean something: Really Ugly. Poor horse, it was probably not his fault if he was unattractive in any way.

9. Junk In The Trunk – We have the feeling that the person that named this horse likes something really specific and he just cannot lie…if you know what we mean.

8. Where Is The Beef– The weird thing is not only that the name makes you think about that mysterious meat you ate at the school cafeteria or on a more positive note, it reminds you of a good burger, but that 3 horses have been named like that already.

7. That’s What She Said – Funny people will always be funny people, funny names to a racing horse are definitely mandatory.

6. Walk of Shame – The Person that named this horse probably had quite a wild night when he decided to name it.

5. Slumpbuster – We only have one thing we would like to ask: what is a Slumpbuster exactly?

4. Riding Miss Daisy – An ode to a classic movie we all loved! (If you haven’t seen it, do it now!).

3. No Soup For You – The Sitcom that people loved for more than a decade: Seinfeld, and one of the funniest characters are depicted on this horse’s name.

2. Bodacious Tatas – Do you we really have to explain anything about this name? We feel it is pretty self explanatory.

1. I’ll Have Another – You’ll have another what exactly? This name might be a little demining to the horse don’t you think?

Casino Games People Hate: It Happens

Believe it or not people feel hatred for basically anything and everything, even something as trivial as a game! Here is a small compilation of casino games people just can’t seem to like…

Online Scratch Tickets

Apparently people can’t seem to find comfort on scratching ticket virtually and love the thrill of the dusty scratch leftovers. Also it seems that people have the preconception that they can’t win with these online scratch tickets as they have not been printed ahead of time.


Although the history of the game of Keno takes us all the way to the beginning of the construction of the great wall of China (which by the way can be seen from outer space), the game is not a hit. I truly wonder how is it that it financed the whole construction of a wall that big if people don’t really like it?


Loved by many…hated by even more. The game of Roulette, as classic as it is, well…it is not very popular among casino games lovers, probably because it is too easy to play and the excitement doesn’t really measure up to what they are looking for, unless you play it on a land based casino with a whole bunch of people rooting for you on the table.


The card game of War has been around for ages. We have probably played it a thousands times since we were little, and that is the exact same reason people don’t enjoy this one in its casino game form. People think of this game as a child’s play and won’t give it the time of day when it comes to make a bet on it.

So there you have it, our list of the casino games people hate. Do you have an specific game you hate?

Top 100 Facebook Games of 2011

When you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more game applications on Facebook, the social network decides to reveal what the most popular Facebook games are. Here’s the list:

  • Gardens of Time (By Playdom) a Flash hidden object game (HOG)
  • The Sims Social (By EA) created for Facebook and launched in Aug. 2011, it’s the most recent sequel of the popular game
  • Cityville (By Zynga) Launched in 2010 as the 1st international social game for Zynga
  • DoubleDown Casino (by DoubleDown Interactive) The application offers Free Slots, Blackjack & Poker
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World (By Zynga) Based on the most successful movie franchises, this is a different version of the regular Adventure World, which already boasted 9 million users a month.
  • Words With Friends (By Zynga) A word building game, created with Droid, iPhone/iPad Facebook users in mind.
  • Bingo Blitz (By Buffalo Studios)  A fast paced game of bingo with much more excitement than the original bingo games anywhere.
  • Empires Allies (By Zynga) A very young game launched this year, a mythical war game that hit 5 million users on the first day.
  • Slotomania (By Playtika) A game about the casino’s favorite attraction: slot machines featuring many machines, free games and bonus rounds.
  • Diamond Dash (By wooga) Developed by Wooga, a leading European Facebook games developer, this puzzle game is like Bejeweled on steroids.

Obviously, our opinion would be unfairly biased simply because The Virtual casino has the best casino games in the entire universe, but…if you love these games, then congrats. You’ve been playing the most popular games this 2011.

For those of you who, in the contrary, will unfriend the next person who invites you to one of these we have a solution for you. Since we know that receiving these unsolicited  game invitations from thoughtless friends is truly annoying to say the least, we’re explaining here, how you can start blocking game requests on Facebook.

Increase Your Skills and Chances at Blackjack Tables

Everyone has noticed that when you play Blackjack against the house, the odds are in favor of the house even if you assume yourself an expert player due to fact that normally casino uses a 6 card deck. Though there are some certain actions that you can do if you want to increase your chances against your dealer.

The most important thing you need to know whether you play in offline or online casino is to find a table where the minimum bet is affordable. There isn’t any problem while playing in an online casino where blackjack begins as low as $0.10 while in real casinos normally the minimum bet is $5.

Another important characteristic on blackjack is splitting. You should always split Aces, eights and nines while you shouldn’t split five’s or four’s. Splitting, as well doubling should be used carefully as it cast cost you a lot of money.

Normally it is famous that Blackjack is a game of skill but you shouldn’t spoil the fun you can get by wagering large amounts of money that you cannot pay for. Therefore it’s recommended that it if you really want to become a skillful blackjack player, then start practicing on free online casino rooms to polish your gaming skills and then switch to real cash on online casinos to try your luck under real conditions.

Play Online BlackJack at TheVirtualCasino Now!

The Advantages of Playing Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games both at brick and mortar casinos and at online casinos. However, some players may have already noticed that there is a small difference to how blackjack is played on land and online. In this article we will discuss some of these differences to give players a rounded knowledge on the topic.

In blackjack, luck and skill are the main components and players need to know some strategic tips in order to be successful. A successful player will receive returns of 99% whereas a not so skilled one may be far away from 90%. In land casinos players are required to have memorized the strategy because it is not something they can figure out at the tables. However, when playing online players can use the strategy feature in the auto play option so that the software plays the game using the correct strategy. This is better for new players.

In land casinos players are also not allowed to carry the strategy card with them and strategy differs with the blackjack rules of every place so a player would have to memorize different strategies for different casinos. This problem will never be found online.

Another advantage of playing online blackjack is that at land based casinos only standard formats of blackjack are played. It is true that some casinos may follow the no hole card rule and in some casinos the dealer may be allowed to hit on a soft 17, but the basic game is not tweaked. When you play online there are blackjack variants that have been created to change the structure of the game like Double Exposure which gives players a chance to see both the dealer’s cards dealt face up so they can have more information but there are lower payouts.

I strongly encourage you to check out The Virtual Casino’s blackjack games and I am sure you will enjoy them greatly.

How to Pick a Game with Different Number of Decks Available? – Baccarat and Blackjack

At online casinos you will find a lot of card games as they are an integral part of online casino gaming. If you are used to poker as a card game you probably think that card games are played with only one deck. However, for other casino games, such as blackjack and baccarat, several decks are used and it is important to know this because the number of decks that are used in a casino game affect the house edge.

New players are often unaware of the number of decks used in the games but this is crucial information because it afects the average payout ratio and you could make the wrong choice if you do not know this.

At most casinos the decks vary from 1 to 8 in games like European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack amongst others. In Blackjack games the house edge increases as the number of decks in a game increases. To make this clearer, the house edge is the percentage of each dollar wageres that the casino keeps in the long run. For example, in MicroGaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack the house edge with 8 decks is 0.64%, the house edge with 2 decks is 0.40% and the house edge with 1 deck is 0.01%. But for MicroGaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack The house edge with 8 decks is 0.43%, the house edge with 2 decks is 0.18% and the house edge with 1 deck is -0.18%; meaning that in the long run the house will lose money.

Often, players like to venture into the games with higher number of decks because they are more realistic in resembling land-based casino environments, but players should be aware that there is a high price to pay for the thrill of playing multi hand games.

For Baccarat the deck situation is different. As you are able to choose to wager on one of three different bets (the Banker, the Tie and the Player) you should consider each one separetely. In the eight deck variant the house edge is 14.36%, which increases to 15.75% in the single deck variant. For the Player Bet the house edge is 1.24% with eight decks. Players who bet on the Banker often should stick to one deck Baccarat games; however if you, for some reason, like to bet on the Player you should go for Baccarat with eight decks. The Tie Bet has the highest edge for the house, so try to stay away from that one as often as possible.

What are Fixed Odds Games?

If you are not an expert in online casino gaming, then you are probably not familiar with the term “fixed odds”. That is perfectly ok, but at The Virtual Casino we think that it is important that you become more familiar with this term.

Any player will sooner or later run into the term “fixed odds games” and it can be very confusing. This article aims to explain the most common usages of the term in the context of online casino games.

Fixed odds games are those casino games in which the odds always remain the same. All online casino games are fixed odds games. For example, the single bet in roulette always pays at 35 to 1; any seven bet in craps will always pay out at 4 to 1. However, note that under some interpretations of blackjack, it is not included as a fixed odds game because the payout remains the same but the probability of winning changes depending on the cards you are dealt. So in this case, the probability is different but the payout is always the same.

It may be easier to make this concept a lot clearer by listing the games that are not fixed odds games. Sports betting is a good example of this because the payout is a multiple of the wagered amount and it depends on the collections which is not something the player knows at the time of placing the wager. This happens at gambling games like horse racing and football matches in which the parameters are changed by the bookmaker.

Now, you may be wondering why, if all casino games are fixed odd games, we need a term for the category referred as fixed odd games. Well, the reason for calling these games “fixed odd games” is that they offer fixed odds. But also, online casino games that could not be classified into any of the normal groupings came to be called by various names.

The normal groupings are slot games, video poker, table games and card games. So, any game that cannot be put in the normal groupings is often referred to as other games, specialty games, instant play games or fixed odds games. To understand this, we need to neglect the fact that other games offered at online casinos also have fixed odds. As an exercise, try looking around The Virtual Casino and see if you can find any fixed odd games (which might also be listed as specialty, instant play or others) and post it here so I can tell you if you understood the term correctly!