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Prism Casino has relaunched: Get a FREE $30 Chip

Our very own sister brand Prism Casino has given its’ homepage a radical makeover and to celebrate this major event, everyone’s getting a Free $30 Chip! The Casino announced the release of their fresh new look on their Twitter Page:

We have a BIG surprise for you guys, check out in the next hours and let us know what you thinkless than a minute ago via CoTweet

The new Prism Casino site is much more intuitive; it has a sleeker, cleaner look and the inclusion of new exciting games such as Lucky Last and Hockey Hero as well as some limited-time promotions make the site all the more attractive.

Although the website was only launched today, there’s already lots of buzz going on at major online gambling forums. Also new promos are being released to the public – (this means if you have not signed up for their mailings this is right about the time to do so if you want to be in for the special inauguration promos they have in store).

According to the spokesperson from their Marketing Dept. you can expect even more changes in the course of the next 6 months as Prism Casino is going all-in with innovations; in fact the new homepage redesign is only the beginning of an extensive strategy to flip things around for the well-known Casino and slowly transition into the new 3.0 web by implementing new gambling technology applications that will add functionality and practicality for the user.

In the end, it is all about having fun.

The idea behind the changes was to keep up with the times: Prism Casino knows that people want to achieve more efficiency not only in the way they live or work, also in the way they entertain themselves.

As the strongest players in the entertainment industry, online casinos are forced to lead by raising the stakes and keeping up with what’s out there as far as technological advances. The 3.0 web is advancing towards more on-demand services that should practically act as personal assistants to help complete users objectives almost effortlessly.

For the online gambling industry this means being able to share information with your friends easily from the website, being able to play from any imaginable mobile device, instant access to promotion codes, instant game support -and overall- a much more simplified way to get you from Point A (wanting to play Casino Games and win some money) to Point B. (have you play in minutes and cash out your winnings without any hassle).

But what’s all that good for if you have not tried the site yet? Go to Prism Casino and play now! Don’t forget to join Prism Casino on Facebook and Twitter for live updates on promotions, money giveaways and more exciting Prism Casino news!