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England vs. USA Match and How it Feels to Lose Money Gambling

I just got back from the bar after having lost a considerable amount of money on bets made on the England vs. USA World Cup match. I bet that it would end up 2-1 (of course I will not say who I was supporting as we want to keep all of our audiences haha) but it ended 1-1 and I lost.

It was quite a bummer, and I thought I should write something on how to deal with the feeling of having lost a big amount of money.

Many times in my online gambling experience have I lost money I did not feel ready to lose. However, I realize that when adding all the winnings and subtracting all the losses I am still on the positive side of the equation, though it still feels bad to lose.

I have managed to deal with the feeling by staying positive. Many times players are psychologically affected by losses and they start getting slappy at gambling in an attempt to get their winning back quickly.

From my experience I can tell you that this never works, after a big loss you should take some time to breathe as you will need a lot of patience to win that money back.

If you are overwhelmed by the loss then you should really ask yourself if you are ready to go back to the tables, because if you are not you might be setting yourself up for even greater losses.

Be patient, and slowly build your bankroll up so that you can win you money back and hopefully even some more. Everyone experiences unexpected losses, but if you want to be a winner you need to handle them wisely and not let them get the best of you as a gambler.