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The Need to Go from Play Money to Real Money

Great casinos, such as The Virtual Casino, allow players to try out their games without risking any money. This is called the Play Money feature. When you gamble with play money you are not risking real money at the tables and the greatest part of this is that you can check out all the table games, slots and many other games for free.

A lot of players begin their online gambling experiences using play money and they manage to get a feel of the games and to improve their strategies and decide whether they like a certain casino or not. I know all of this sounds great but, in my opinion, there are certain disadvantages when players stick to their play money accounts for too long.

I absolutely recommend that players use them to get a feel of the casino, but in the long run you might prefer to start playing with real money, especially at multi-player games. Why is that? Because at the play money tables players do not care about how they wager as they have nothing to lose. Some players will throw in crazy amounts of money in just because they know there is nothing at risk. By witnessing this all the time you might decide that it is the way you want to play and once you enter the real money world you will be very lost.

Another downside to playing for play money is that you are not earning any money, you may dedicate hours to your games and, if you are actually really good, you could be missing out on a real opportunity to make real money.

My final advice on this is to try play money to start but once you start feeling more confident at online gambling, do not hesitate to move on to real money, unless you want to be stuck with no winnings and no real experience to improve your game.