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Gambling on the iPad and GoogleTV: The Future of Online Casinos

Nowadays online gambling has become very trendy in both superiority and popularity. As technology and social habits have changed, gambling on the web has seen increasing recognition across many continents and has enticed a rising player base from both traditional and non traditional gambling backgrounds. There comes so many advancements since last twenty year but today no-one can see into the future but its fun to make predictions. We cast a playful glance into the future and imagine how online casinos will look like in next few years.

Software: One simple prediction is that the online casino software will go on to further enhancements like improved game graphics and sound, keeping pace with online gaming technology and mobile devices such as the iPad, the iPhone, Android phones, etc. In future players will scan photos into their profile and will be used to create life like 3D images around the card table and they should be able to use their TV Screens for online gambling through GoogleTV and ConnectedTV from Yahoo.

Games: In future you will see games more based on movies and lifestyle theme based that will attract a larger crowd and multiplayer interactive games will continue to capture the imagination of players. Some online casinos will introduce individual games that will go down the route of specializing their service to particular age groups, themes, game types, playing levels or buy-in levels. It won’t be uncommon to see games themed after the World Cup, the Olympic games, or after technological advances such as cloning, virtual reality, etc.

Into the Mainstream: Gambling bans will be a thing of the past and may continue with the same in few regions. Hopefully online casinos will enjoy worldwide licensing agreements and regulation will settle down the playing field. Players around the world will enjoy a safe and secure playing environment and governments will get profit from the steady flow of revenue the industry generates.

Land-based vs. Online Casinos: The difference between online and land-based casinos will come together. In future high streets, airports and stations all will have casino cafes which pull in the crowds with their linked terminals that support multi player games. Land based casinos will still survive in the mix but also present live streaming and virtual involvement to players at home.

Social Communities: Online casinos will build up their own ‘Facebook’ type social networks, using online gambling as the lynchpin and common interest of all. An importance on social interaction, local meet-ups and social events will create an ever more social viewpoint to the online gambling scene. Online casino communities will not only be livelier but will be improved by increased independence.

A Social Conscience: in future players will earn points for good deeds such as donating money to charity as well as volunteering at the youth centre for a night.