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Youtube Opens Up to Online Gambling in Europe… the US Still Waiting

Online gambling advertising has been banned in Youtube broadcasts for the past few years. This is because Youtube was bought by Google in 2006 and they were forced to stop publishing online casino ads in the US after a settlement with the US Department of Justice. However, news broke recently that Youtube has begun to publish gambling related ads in the United Kingdom.

The first company to get full hands into this is Ladbrokes and their ads have already started featuring on Youtube. Executives from Youtube have announced that businesses with licenses to provide online gambling services in Italy, Spain, France and the UK will be able to buy ad space.

Youtube executives also said that they will be taking measures to restrict the audience that is exposed to the online gambling related content. This means that they will block everone under 18 from watching these ads and this will be done by using the same software technology they use to prevent children from watching adult content.

This is a very good idea and it has been suggested that US advocated of online gambling freedom suggest this as a way to deal with underage irresponsible gaming. However, when this has been brought to the table in the past the opposition has argued that this measure would be insufficient but they cannot explain why this would fail for online casinos when it works so efficiently for Youtube.

Currently, the most cited of the perceived weaknesses of regulatory measures suggested to open the US online gambling market is age checking and this could be a solution for that. Sometimes itjust seems like the US authorities just refuse to see that there could be any benefits in online gambling and are in denial when solutions pop in front of them.