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Opera Mocks Google Chrome: they’re as fast as a potato too!

Under the name World Record Speed Test, the official Opera channel on YouTube has uploaded a video mocking Google Chrome’s speed test advertisement.

The viral video has created a positive buzz from the general public among Facebook, Twitter and Social Media channels:

View counts for @opera‘s potato speed test has surpassed Chrome’s original video. That’s some clever marketing 🙂less than a minute ago via web

This is their unexpected comeback and has even surpassed the number of views of the original video but we won’t tell you about this Scandinavian scientifical parody; instead you got to watch it and have a good laugh with these interesting herring-loving fellows!

Google Chrome new Advertisement is FAST

If only Google Chrome would be as fast as our online slots… but oh well not all wishes can come true.

UPDATE: Have you checked out Opera’s Comeback? Watch this hilarious video as the good guys at Opera make fun of Google’s speed commercial through their own version of the potato speed test here.