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Opera Mocks Google Chrome: they’re as fast as a potato too!

Under the name World Record Speed Test, the official Opera channel on YouTube has uploaded a video mocking Google Chrome’s speed test advertisement.

The viral video has created a positive buzz from the general public among Facebook, Twitter and Social Media channels:

View counts for @opera‘s potato speed test has surpassed Chrome’s original video. That’s some clever marketing 🙂less than a minute ago via web

This is their unexpected comeback and has even surpassed the number of views of the original video but we won’t tell you about this Scandinavian scientifical parody; instead you got to watch it and have a good laugh with these interesting herring-loving fellows!

Kentucky Court Lawyers File a Claim Against Full Tilt Poker

The Kentucky domain name seizure case keeps surprising us with new flips to the story, it is starting to get to the point in which we are tired of hearing the news unfolding in the Kentucky Court, however I believe it is important to stay on top of these events.

Recent news broke that the Kentucky Supreme Court has stated that if iMEGA produces a domain name owner in court it could receive a favorable verdict and iMEGA was successful in doing that. However, before the favorable verdict could be ruled the lawyers for the State of Kentucky decided to start another round of legal proceedings with new filing in the Franklin Circuit Court.

The State of Kentucky filed a claim against Poker Kings for monetary losses in 2009 by persons in the border of Kentucky. The claim was filed in the name of Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown as before. The new filings state that Pocket Kings is the owner and operator of Full Tilt Poker and it is 14 pages long and it allows the personal jurisdiction of the Kentucky courts over nonresidents against whom there is a monetary claim for acts committed in Kentucky.

“The Full Tilt Defendants have done, or have caused to be done, tortious acts in the Commonwealth for which the Commonwealth has a substantial and compelling interest in exercising personal jurisdiction.” the filing states. The Kentucky lawyers also stated “that there are unknown individuals and entities who have acted in concert in joint ventures “to facilitate, host, operate, and profit from online gambling businesses”. They have listed the entities and personas behind Absolute Poker,, Bugsy’s Club, Cake Poker, Crazy Poker, DoylesRoom, Golden Palace, Microgaming, MySportsbook, Pitbull Poker, PlayersOnly, PokerHost, PokerStars, PokerTime, Red Star Poker, Reefer Poker,

The gambling sites have not responded, we will update you on how the story develops.

Two New Products Promise to Revolutionize Online Gambling Security

Chocolate Consulting is a specialist consultant in the online gambling industry. They have come together with VeriSign, an expert in security for internet services, to launch a new range of products designed to protect online gaming operators from direct and indirect costs that may emerge from account takeover and denial of services.

The companies announced that they will be launching two new products to make online gambling more secure. The first one is the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) which will be a clod based real time authentication system that will protect players from identity theft and unauthorized usage in their accounts. Another benefit that comes along with the VeriSign Identity Protection is that the costs of investigations of account takeover will be eliminated because with VIP that process will not even be necessary anymore.

VIP is a way to increase the lifetime value of a player and the trust within the online gambling industry. “The combination of security and customer trust makes VIP an ideal product for the online gaming industry.” said the head of business development at VeriSign, Phil D’Angio.

VIP is also available and adaptable to mobile phones for casinos that offer a mobile platform. Chocolate Consulting will be helping VeriSign to find a niche and market the product to online casinos.

The second product that the companies will launch is the VeriSign Internet Defense Network (VIDN) which will prevent DDOS attacks. Sometimes you may have tried to log into your favorite casino and found out the server is down, that is due to a DDOS attack. For casinos, this is not only upsetting but it represents losses of millions of dollars. DDOS attacks have become more sophisticated than they used to be and it is really hard to detect them, but with VIDN casinos will have a tool that has proven successful when detecting DDOS.

“At Chocolate we work with our partners to help them understand the online gaming sector and tailor their value propositions for market entry programs. With VeriSign we saw a great opportunity to bring security services into the sector that increase player trust and drive lifetime value,” said the director at Chocolate Consulting, Justin Fraser.