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Controlling Lady Luck: How superstition affects your game

Are you a superstitious gambler? If you’re all about getting a feeling and going with that, there’s a chance you believe in some form of luck. But superstitious gambling goes beyond just believing in Lady Luck. For some superstitious gamblers, it’s all about controlling that luck.

Yes, we know. Luck is luck. It can’t be controlled. There’s no controlling complete randomness. But sometimes you just get a feeling that something went a certain way because you did something. Sure, it might be crazy to think you had control of a situation that was completely out of your hands, but sometimes you just can’t explain it.

Today, we’re exploring some of the most popular superstitions today’s gamblers believe in. Perhaps you’ll find a superstition that appeals to you. Or perhaps you’ll shake your head in disbelief that people actually believe in these things.

Blowing on dice

It’s in a famous Sinatra song for a reason. Lady Luck brings good luck when you have someone blow on your dice, or at least that’s how the saying goes. That’s why you’ll see players at the Craps table either blow on their dice or have their significant other or another player blow on the dice before being tossed. This superstition is an interesting one as its origins aren’t clear. Some people believe it comes from the early days when gamblers would try to cheat the system by coating one side of the dice with a special substance that would all of the sudden become sticky when blown on. Other people believe that it has nothing to do with cheating, but rather from the days when dice games were played on the streets. Back then, players would blow on the dice simply to clean them.

Betting on your lucky number

If you have a lucky number, there’s a good chance the Roulette table is the game you want to play. In Roulette, you can bet directly on any number from 1 to 36, plus a single zero and a double zero (but let’s be real, nobody’s lucky number is zero). If you’re playing Roulette and you happen to have a lucky number, be sure to bet on it. But what if your lucky number happens to be above 36? What if, for example, your lucky number is 74? Perhaps that’s the year you were born. Or perhaps that’s your grandmother’s age. Whatever the case just be sure to bet on 7 and 4 simultaneously.

Wearing a lucky piece of clothing

It’s not just athletes who have a lucky piece of clothing. Some gamblers also choose to sport the same clothing that they’ve been successful with. We’re not talking about wearing the same pair of underwear without washing it. That’s just silly. But don’t be surprised to see gamblers talking about their lucky jacket or the pair of lucky pants that they constantly sport. Lucky jackets don’t need to be washed, but if someone at the Blackjack table brags that their pair of pants has given them luck for the last 2 years, you might want to move away before you catch something. Of course, while some superstitious gamblers won’t wash their lucky clothing, others are happy to wash them, knowing that the fabric brings the luck rather than the germs on the garment.

Betting on red

Did you know that in some cultures, the color red is considered lucky. That’s why many players will choose to bet on red playing Roulette. But it’s not restricted to the wheel-based game. In table games where there’s an opportunity to raise or double down, players who are dealt red cards might choose to bet should they be holding red cards. For example, if dealt red cards in Tri Card Poker, even though the hand might not be an amazing one, the color red might prompt superstitious players to play it anyway. And it’s not just about playing the color red. It’s about bringing your own red to the table. Superstitious gamblers who believe in the power of red might choose to wear red clothing like underwear, socks, a shirt, or anything else.

Leaving the tables brings good luck at the slots

If you’re looking to get lucky on the slots, you might want to start at the tables. Many superstitious gamblers believe that leaving the tables is what brings good luck at the slots. So if you’re playing at an online casino, start with some table games first. If you’re superstitious, it could make a difference to your fortune.

See how these superstitions work out for you

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