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Online Slots Terminology

Are you a new slots games player? Not sure you are getting the right grip of the game? It is a well known fact that casino games tend to have their own slang and terminology, it is always important to get familiar with them in order to play the game wisely. Slots have their very own terms as well, and as a player it is imperative that you know it by heart. We have created a small list of the most common online slots terminology to help you understand the game a little better.

The terminology we are including on this article could come in handy for every type of player: beginners and veteran players might encounter a couple of things that they were probably not so familiar with and improve their game a little. Let’s take a look at our online slots terminology “dictionary:

Coin size: This does not refer to the size of the coin as well; you don’t really use coins to play online slots. This is referring to the amount you want to bet per line on your game.

Credit meter: This is a little screen that tells you how much credit you have to play with. It is more often seen on land based slot machines; however it is also used on the online slot versions in some cases.

First deposit bonus: If you are playing at an online casino for the first time, they will provide you with a sign up bonus which increases the amount of money you will be playing with.

Max Bet: The maximum bet you are allowed to play on each spin.

Onesies: Players that who bet only one coin per spin.

Pay-line: These are the directions or ways in which the symbols can be lined up in order to get a winning combination. These can be tricky on online slot machines that have many paylines; it is recommended that you check how are the pay lines on each game you play for the first time before hand.

Payout: When you are playing at any slot machine, winnings pay out in relation to the amount of money that is put in, stated as a percentage (payout percentage).

Progressive Jackpot: The top jackpot that grows progressively as more players bet on the game. This is something very interesting: Slot machines are often linked together among several online casinos which mean more players put in more money in and create all together a much larger combined jackpot.

Static Jackpot: A jackpot that is pre-determined and doesn’t change.

Scatter Symbol: These are symbols specifically related to a game. How they work I when two or more of them appear anywhere on your reels, which means a bonus game is activated or features free spins.

Wild Symbol: This is a term was stolen from Poker: as you probably know, in Poker certain cards in the deck can substitute any other card make a winning combination, it works the same in online slots. The Wild Symbol can substitute for any other symbol (except for Scatter symbols) and help you win.

2010 World Series of Poker- A Glance at the final table

A poker pro, a rising poker star, a wannabe poker stud…..Hey wait!! don’t get me wrong. I am none of these, but definitely one of those who do not wish to miss even a glimpse of the big ‘WORLD POKER SERIES’ each year.

November Nine and the nine players battle for the 2010 WSOP bracelet

7,319 wannabe Poker champs, indeed were seen starting the tournament this year. Left behind are only nine lucky and brilliant masterminds. The total prize pool was one of the largest in history at nearly $68.8 million. This money started being handed out at 747th place. As of right now, the current chip counts the remaining 9 players among which, 6 players are American, 2 Canadians, and 1 Italian.

The nine players with their current chip counts are;

1. Jonathan Duhamel – 65,975,000
2. John Dolan – 46,250,000
3. Joseph Cheong – 23,525,000
4. John Racener – 19,050,000
5. Matthew Jarvis – 16,700,000
6. Filippo Candio – 16,400,000
7. Michael Mizrachi – 14,450,000
8. Soi Nguyen – 9,650,000
9. Jason Senti – 7,625,000

Clearly, from the current numbers, Jonathan Duhamel of Boucherville, Quebec is the current chip leader. He won two huge pots on Day 8 of the WSOP Event and knocked out two players. This left him with nearly a 20 million chip lead over the next closest player, John Dolan.

Another player who has continued to be one of the biggest story lines this year is, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. He is the only player left now, who has won a bracelet as he won the $50,000 Player’s Championship, giving him an overwhelming edge in live tournament experience over the rest.

With all this and more happening in the world of Poker, WSOP has become one of the the most awaited events by now. The only thing that I am concerned about is, that me and all the poker lovers will have to wait until November to see a champion crowned…HUH!! But, as its likely said, “Wait & Watch”. So, just pack your curosity and get this November booked for the thrill of ‘2010 WSOP’ main event.

The Advantages of Playing Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games both at brick and mortar casinos and at online casinos. However, some players may have already noticed that there is a small difference to how blackjack is played on land and online. In this article we will discuss some of these differences to give players a rounded knowledge on the topic.

In blackjack, luck and skill are the main components and players need to know some strategic tips in order to be successful. A successful player will receive returns of 99% whereas a not so skilled one may be far away from 90%. In land casinos players are required to have memorized the strategy because it is not something they can figure out at the tables. However, when playing online players can use the strategy feature in the auto play option so that the software plays the game using the correct strategy. This is better for new players.

In land casinos players are also not allowed to carry the strategy card with them and strategy differs with the blackjack rules of every place so a player would have to memorize different strategies for different casinos. This problem will never be found online.

Another advantage of playing online blackjack is that at land based casinos only standard formats of blackjack are played. It is true that some casinos may follow the no hole card rule and in some casinos the dealer may be allowed to hit on a soft 17, but the basic game is not tweaked. When you play online there are blackjack variants that have been created to change the structure of the game like Double Exposure which gives players a chance to see both the dealer’s cards dealt face up so they can have more information but there are lower payouts.

I strongly encourage you to check out The Virtual Casino’s blackjack games and I am sure you will enjoy them greatly.

Live Dealer Feature Gains Popularity in the Industry

eCOGRA recently announced that they have started accrediting companies which provide live dealer services. eCOGRA has a very rigorous live dealer specific inspection and the first company to fulfill all requirements was Evolution Gaming and they received the Certified Live Dealer Seal.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the live dealer I will give a brief explanation about it. Live dealer is a new feature that some online casinos are starting to provide to their players. Players are able to watch a real, live dealer through a webcam function who will be dealing the cards in their game. This is an attempt to make the online casino gaming experience more realistic and instead of having a machine generate the numbers, a human being does it and you can watch them do it from your computer at home.

The eGAP requirements for live dealer format cover both hardware and software. They include tests for problem gambling and dispute facilities, anti-money laundering systems, staff training, operator probity, player information security, staff access to sensitive areas, the retention of video recordings of all sessions, collusion controls and overall game statistical performance on the roulette, baccarat and blackjack games offered. Another one of the main issues with the live dealer feature is that it does not allow as much rapidness as an RNG would. However, it is faster than a brick and mortar casino but still has limitations when it comes to speed.

So far, players have responded positively to live dealers but it is not considered a must in online casinos because it still presents a lot of problems, like the ones mentioned above. We encourage you to check it out and decide if it is the right thing for you, I personally did not enjoy it and I prefer the classic format of online casino gaming.

Why Should an Online Gambler Read About Online Gambling?

There is a lot of information available about online casinos. When I first started playing at online casinos I did not think that reading someone’s blog entries, or surfing the web would be enough to cater all my needs and questions about online gambling. I was wrong.

What I love about online gambling is that it is online. Not only does it provide you with the ease of accessing everything you could find at a real casino in a couple of clicks, but it also provides players with an easy way of learning more about online gambling in a couple of clicks too.

All the details about the world’s top online casinos are available to players in a few clicks, you can also find information about all the games and strategy tips. For this reason, when you are choosing a site that will provide answers to all of your questions you should choose with care.

The first thing is to look for a site that provides in-depth analysis of casinos, games and strategy. You want a site that will be honest to you and will tell you the absolute truth about the industry and the sites in it. You also want a site that cares about the players and that provides advice that will benefit them.

If you are new to online gambling you should look for a site that gives newbies tips and strategy and that attempts to explain all terms without assuming players already know it.

Now, I am not trying to sell you a product here, but at The Virtual Casino we try hard to cater our players’ needs and we strive to provide the most in-depth analysis of games and gambling strategy as well as news and the online gambling world.

Personally, I will ask our readers to feel comfortable to address me with any questions they may have, you can post them as comments and I will respond to them as soon as I can. I know how it felt when I first started gambling online and I try to help newbies as much as possible.

On the other hand, I also know how it felt having been playing online for a while and not being able to explore new horizons and improve my expertise level. that is also why I try to give in-depth analysis and discussions of online gaming strategy and tips.

I also encourage our readers to give us feedback and we will listen to their comments openly.



Online Casino Payout Limits – Part II

Today I will talk about some casino games that have limited payouts at some casinos. If you are unfamiliar with the topic please see my post from yesterday in which I explained why online casinos may sometimes limit payouts on certain games here.

Online slot games are the most common casino games and the maximum amount wagered, more commonly known as the total bet per spin, is controlled by limiting the betting options. There is a limit to the number of paylines, the number of coins that can be wagered in each payline and also the coin denomination. The payout are a ratio of the coins wagered so this means that there is automatically a limit on the maximum payout.

Something else that you will find at online slot games is that they have free spin bonus rounds that allow players to receive payouts without having to place additional wagers. A lucky streak of free spins can really add to the payouts so most slot games have a limit on the number of times that the free spins round can be retriggered. There is also a limit on the upper limit for the payout in the free spins round.

Some online slot games and video poker have a feature called the gamble game which allows players to double, triple or even quadruple their winnings. Online casinos often limit the maximum payout that can be received in the gamble game. Once players reach this limit they cannot play the gamble

Some online slot games and video poker games have a feature called the gamble game. In this game players can try to double or even quadruple their payouts. A lucky streak in this game with a large initial payout can amount to big numbers. Therefore online casinos limit the maximum payout that can be received in the gamble game. Once this limit is reached players cannot play the gamble game and have to return to the main game.

One thing that players need to be really careful about are online casinos that offer very high payouts but directly limit the maximum payout. Most varieties of keno fall into this category, for example a variant of keno offers a payout of 100,000 for hitting all 15 numbers so if you were betting at a coin size of $10 the payout would be $1,000,000 but the game has a limited payout of $250,000; this means that even if you hit all 15 numbers you would still get only $250,000.