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The 10 winning tips successful Keno players use every day

If you’re a huge fan of playing the lottery, there’s one casino game you might want to try. It’s called Keno it’s a lot like your weekly lottery game. The difference? Draws happen every second of every day. Just select your numbers, catch some of them, and get paid out. The more you catch, the more you’ll win. We’re not talking about million-dollar wins or anything crazy. But $50 here, $200 there, and you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

But how do you know which numbers to pick? How can you be sure you’re not playing blindly? Are there any tricks you can employ to actually win at Keno more often? These are the questions new Keno players ask themselves and today we’ve got the answer for you.

Yes and no. Keno, like the lottery and all casino games, is completely random. Bit even with all that randomness, there are still some tricks you can use to your advantage to have more fun and, hopefully, win more money.

Today, we’ve got 10 big tips for you. So check them out, try them out, and get paid out playing Keno online and off.

Never play with more than you can afford

It’s a simple rule, but it’s one that too many Keno players ignore. Keno games are so easy to play and they go by so quickly that it’s easy to risk a lot of money in a short amount of time without realizing it. The most important thing you can do is set a budget. We recommend a monthly budget. Let’s say it’s $200. That allows you to gamble $50 per week playing online Keno and other games.

This is a rule you should follow even if you’re winning. Just because you won a lot of money doesn’t mean you should necessarily go over your budget. If you do, you’re more likely to give all those winnings back to the house.

Understand that the odds are not in your favor

It might seem odd for an online casino to admit this, but Keno isn’t exactly a game with 50/50 odds. If you want an almost even chance at winning, try your luck at Roulette and play evens/odd or red/black. Keno, while you definitely do get to play a lot of numbers all at once, has a much higher house edge than other online casino games. The same holds true in the live casino world.

Play consecutive numbers

This isn’t a hard and fast rule. It’s simply a strategy that could help you win. Many Keno players swear by choosing a series of consecutive numbers, like 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. There is no guarantee that these numbers will pop up, but some Keno players believe that consecutive numbers are more likely to come up than non-consecutive numbers.

Play the same numbers all the time

Keno has a lot of similarities to the lottery. You choose a bunch of numbers from a preset list and wait to see if your numbers come up. In many cases, it’s exactly the same as the lottery, except for the fact that you don’t have to wait for a weekly drawing to win big. In online Keno, draws happen on demand (in the live version, you usually have to wait every 15 minutes or so).

Many big lottery winners will tell you that they’ve been playing the same winning lottery numbers for years before they hit that big win, as if fate had something to do with it. If you’re a bit superstitious, playing the same Keno numbers is a great idea.

Play numbers that haven’t hit recently

If you notice that certain numbers haven’t popped up recently, it might be time to play those numbers. We know, we know. This is kind of like the gambler’s fallacy, thinking that if you’ve hit a series of losses, it’s only a matter of time before you win. But playing numbers that haven’t hit is a strategy successful Keno players employ frequently.

Play numbers that have come up recently

This one is the complete opposite of playing numbers that haven’t hit, but it’s a strategy you might want to employ if you keep seeing the same numbers hit over and over again.

Play fewer numbers

Most Keno players will tell you that playing more numbers means you’re more likely to come out with a win. While that might be true, Keno pays out based on the percentage of numbers you catch. For example, if you play 8 numbers and you catch 6 of them, you’ll get paid out more than if you played 14 numbers and caught 7 of them. Sure, catching 7 numbers seems great, but you actually caught a smaller percentage and will ultimately be rewarded less for it.

Look for patterns

To figure out which Keno numbers are hitting more often, sit back and watch Keno before playing. This strategy doesn’t really work online since you control the start of each game (if you’re not playing, nothing is happening). But in the live casino world, you can observe other people playing and study which numbers are being repeated most often.

Play for free

Before you sit down to play Keno for real money, start at The Virtual Casino. You can play free Keno with your online casino account. It takes just a few minutes to set yourself up with an account. Everything is automatic, so there’s no one to deal with over the phone. Just provide us with a few pieces of info, create a username, set a password, and you’re good to go.

Play for real money

Remember, you can’t actually win real money playing Keno unless you play for real money. So when you’re ready to play for real money, we welcome a variety of safe and secure deposit options. And we’re always standing by to help you with anything you need.

Tax Collections Bullied the Spanish Online Gambling Industry

After something we may call a minor setback in the form of a bully online betting in Spain can be considered completely legal. Although the Tax Agency of the won a battle against online gambling businesses in regards of back taxes, they are now able to perform all their operations under the Spanish law.

Several betting companies such as Bwin, Betfair and Pokerstars had to go through a legal process against the Tax Agency as it claimed earlier this month something along the lines of “if they wanted to play, they had pay”. With the approval of the new gambling law last year, they could now conduct their online gambling businesses in a legal way, however they were all required to get a licensed and also to domains to be able to provide services to thousands of Spanish players. Their tax rate was set at 25% of their net revenue.

They were basically on their way to a fully legal destiny, ye there as another surprise in store for them: A couple of months ago, the Investigating Office Against Fraud (ONIF) started claiming taxes payment from the previous four years companies operated without legal coverage. Although licenses and taxes have no relation to each, they were put in the position of basically pay the old taxes or there is no license.

The association of online gaming firms JDigital then claimed the government’s legal case is based on two laws: one approved in 1966 and the other in 1977, that apparently have absolutely no relation with online gambling. Due to this delicate matter, online gaming firms issued a veiled threat to pull out of Spain if the government insisted in its efforts to collect the old taxes from the previous four years.

Of course that was not going to happen so they had an agreement and the big companies settled on different amount to pay in order to continue conducting businesses.
Online betting became officially legal on June 5 this year, and all companies were given a deadline of June 15 to adapt their websites and operations to the new Spanish regulations, for example the .es domains.

Casino Games People Hate: It Happens

Believe it or not people feel hatred for basically anything and everything, even something as trivial as a game! Here is a small compilation of casino games people just can’t seem to like…

Online Scratch Tickets

Apparently people can’t seem to find comfort on scratching ticket virtually and love the thrill of the dusty scratch leftovers. Also it seems that people have the preconception that they can’t win with these online scratch tickets as they have not been printed ahead of time.


Although the history of the game of Keno takes us all the way to the beginning of the construction of the great wall of China (which by the way can be seen from outer space), the game is not a hit. I truly wonder how is it that it financed the whole construction of a wall that big if people don’t really like it?


Loved by many…hated by even more. The game of Roulette, as classic as it is, well…it is not very popular among casino games lovers, probably because it is too easy to play and the excitement doesn’t really measure up to what they are looking for, unless you play it on a land based casino with a whole bunch of people rooting for you on the table.


The card game of War has been around for ages. We have probably played it a thousands times since we were little, and that is the exact same reason people don’t enjoy this one in its casino game form. People think of this game as a child’s play and won’t give it the time of day when it comes to make a bet on it.

So there you have it, our list of the casino games people hate. Do you have an specific game you hate?

Pay outs at Online Casino: how do they work?

Have you ever tried to play at an online casino? If not, you probably have lots of questions before actually trying it out. Perhaps you would like to try online casino poker tournaments but are not really sure on how they work, how do you join, but most importantly: how do you cash out if you win?

Of course it is important to know that when you go ahead and do an online casino deposit, you are basically doing the exact same thing you would at a land based casino: using some of your cash to play a game. Of course, at a land based casino you will probably get your winnings paid off to you right away, while casinos online work a little different. Here is a quick online casino guide to help you understand how pay outs work on these websites, how long will you have to wait to get your winnings into your hands and some of the reasons why this process is a little bit longer than one would enjoy:

It is very important to keep in mind that each casino will probably have their own rules and terms when it comes to casino withdrawals and that you need to make sure you fully understand those at the time you want to request a payout.  At The Virtual Casino, we have our own way to handle everything: from your online casino deposit to your cash out goes through a very secure process. This is how it works:

To be able to withdraw money, the first step is to log into your casino account and clicking on the cashier button, this will take you into your main screen, look for the WITHDRAW MONEY button and click on it.

There are several withdrawal methods that will immediately display, in our case we offer: Click2pay, MG Cash, Neteller, Overnight Express (Check), UsemyWallet, Wire Transfer or WU Cash. It is important to keep in mind that most cash out methods will charge you a fee for their service. If you are not familiar with these fees, you can contact the Customer Service Department at The Virtual Casino and they will give you all the pertinent information.

After you have requested your pay out and have chosen a payment method, the request is submitted to the Withdrawals Department where your personal information will be checked out to make sure no one is trying to use your account in a fraudulent way, also, there are different rules regarding withdrawals: if for example you used a bonus, a free chip or a coupon code, they all have different cash out rules, which will be verified by the Withdrawals agents. If the withdrawal request does not meet the requirements, it will be denied within 72 hours after the request has been made.

In the case that the withdrawal does meet all cash out requirements, the approval takes within 10-15 business days of the date the withdrawal was requested. The reason why this takes so long is mostly because all the personal information needs to be verified in detail. After you request is approved, you will receive notification within 48 hours of the approval. At this moment you are required to verify all personal information one last time and will be given the choices of current payout options.

For each type of withdrawal request, there is certain documentation involved and the player need to comply with all of it in order for the withdrawal will be processed.

Another important thing to remember is that there are weekly cash out limits, in the case of The Virtual Casino, we have a max cash-out of $2,000.00 per week, however depending on your player status these can be higher, for example if you are a VIP player.

When will I finally get my money?

In most cases, payments are made within 7 –10 business days of approval; yet this is not an exact estimate as you can see and there is the possibility of a slight delay every once in a while, these mostly because of the banking issues currently undergoing gambling activities. Depending on the payment method you chose, the payment dates may also vary.

So now that you have a clearer idea on how do casino pay outs work, and have a better sense of the security methods used to make sure you receive your money, you might feel a bit less hesitant about doing a deposit to play, don’t you?

2010 World Series of Poker- A Glance at the final table

A poker pro, a rising poker star, a wannabe poker stud…..Hey wait!! don’t get me wrong. I am none of these, but definitely one of those who do not wish to miss even a glimpse of the big ‘WORLD POKER SERIES’ each year.

November Nine and the nine players battle for the 2010 WSOP bracelet

7,319 wannabe Poker champs, indeed were seen starting the tournament this year. Left behind are only nine lucky and brilliant masterminds. The total prize pool was one of the largest in history at nearly $68.8 million. This money started being handed out at 747th place. As of right now, the current chip counts the remaining 9 players among which, 6 players are American, 2 Canadians, and 1 Italian.

The nine players with their current chip counts are;

1. Jonathan Duhamel – 65,975,000
2. John Dolan – 46,250,000
3. Joseph Cheong – 23,525,000
4. John Racener – 19,050,000
5. Matthew Jarvis – 16,700,000
6. Filippo Candio – 16,400,000
7. Michael Mizrachi – 14,450,000
8. Soi Nguyen – 9,650,000
9. Jason Senti – 7,625,000

Clearly, from the current numbers, Jonathan Duhamel of Boucherville, Quebec is the current chip leader. He won two huge pots on Day 8 of the WSOP Event and knocked out two players. This left him with nearly a 20 million chip lead over the next closest player, John Dolan.

Another player who has continued to be one of the biggest story lines this year is, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. He is the only player left now, who has won a bracelet as he won the $50,000 Player’s Championship, giving him an overwhelming edge in live tournament experience over the rest.

With all this and more happening in the world of Poker, WSOP has become one of the the most awaited events by now. The only thing that I am concerned about is, that me and all the poker lovers will have to wait until November to see a champion crowned…HUH!! But, as its likely said, “Wait & Watch”. So, just pack your curosity and get this November booked for the thrill of ‘2010 WSOP’ main event.

Youtube Opens Up to Online Gambling in Europe… the US Still Waiting

Online gambling advertising has been banned in Youtube broadcasts for the past few years. This is because Youtube was bought by Google in 2006 and they were forced to stop publishing online casino ads in the US after a settlement with the US Department of Justice. However, news broke recently that Youtube has begun to publish gambling related ads in the United Kingdom.

The first company to get full hands into this is Ladbrokes and their ads have already started featuring on Youtube. Executives from Youtube have announced that businesses with licenses to provide online gambling services in Italy, Spain, France and the UK will be able to buy ad space.

Youtube executives also said that they will be taking measures to restrict the audience that is exposed to the online gambling related content. This means that they will block everone under 18 from watching these ads and this will be done by using the same software technology they use to prevent children from watching adult content.

This is a very good idea and it has been suggested that US advocated of online gambling freedom suggest this as a way to deal with underage irresponsible gaming. However, when this has been brought to the table in the past the opposition has argued that this measure would be insufficient but they cannot explain why this would fail for online casinos when it works so efficiently for Youtube.

Currently, the most cited of the perceived weaknesses of regulatory measures suggested to open the US online gambling market is age checking and this could be a solution for that. Sometimes itjust seems like the US authorities just refuse to see that there could be any benefits in online gambling and are in denial when solutions pop in front of them.

Gambling on the iPad and GoogleTV: The Future of Online Casinos

Nowadays online gambling has become very trendy in both superiority and popularity. As technology and social habits have changed, gambling on the web has seen increasing recognition across many continents and has enticed a rising player base from both traditional and non traditional gambling backgrounds. There comes so many advancements since last twenty year but today no-one can see into the future but its fun to make predictions. We cast a playful glance into the future and imagine how online casinos will look like in next few years.

Software: One simple prediction is that the online casino software will go on to further enhancements like improved game graphics and sound, keeping pace with online gaming technology and mobile devices such as the iPad, the iPhone, Android phones, etc. In future players will scan photos into their profile and will be used to create life like 3D images around the card table and they should be able to use their TV Screens for online gambling through GoogleTV and ConnectedTV from Yahoo.

Games: In future you will see games more based on movies and lifestyle theme based that will attract a larger crowd and multiplayer interactive games will continue to capture the imagination of players. Some online casinos will introduce individual games that will go down the route of specializing their service to particular age groups, themes, game types, playing levels or buy-in levels. It won’t be uncommon to see games themed after the World Cup, the Olympic games, or after technological advances such as cloning, virtual reality, etc.

Into the Mainstream: Gambling bans will be a thing of the past and may continue with the same in few regions. Hopefully online casinos will enjoy worldwide licensing agreements and regulation will settle down the playing field. Players around the world will enjoy a safe and secure playing environment and governments will get profit from the steady flow of revenue the industry generates.

Land-based vs. Online Casinos: The difference between online and land-based casinos will come together. In future high streets, airports and stations all will have casino cafes which pull in the crowds with their linked terminals that support multi player games. Land based casinos will still survive in the mix but also present live streaming and virtual involvement to players at home.

Social Communities: Online casinos will build up their own ‘Facebook’ type social networks, using online gambling as the lynchpin and common interest of all. An importance on social interaction, local meet-ups and social events will create an ever more social viewpoint to the online gambling scene. Online casino communities will not only be livelier but will be improved by increased independence.

A Social Conscience: in future players will earn points for good deeds such as donating money to charity as well as volunteering at the youth centre for a night.

Prism Casino has relaunched: Get a FREE $30 Chip

Our very own sister brand Prism Casino has given its’ homepage a radical makeover and to celebrate this major event, everyone’s getting a Free $30 Chip! The Casino announced the release of their fresh new look on their Twitter Page:

We have a BIG surprise for you guys, check out in the next hours and let us know what you thinkless than a minute ago via CoTweet

The new Prism Casino site is much more intuitive; it has a sleeker, cleaner look and the inclusion of new exciting games such as Lucky Last and Hockey Hero as well as some limited-time promotions make the site all the more attractive.

Although the website was only launched today, there’s already lots of buzz going on at major online gambling forums. Also new promos are being released to the public – (this means if you have not signed up for their mailings this is right about the time to do so if you want to be in for the special inauguration promos they have in store).

According to the spokesperson from their Marketing Dept. you can expect even more changes in the course of the next 6 months as Prism Casino is going all-in with innovations; in fact the new homepage redesign is only the beginning of an extensive strategy to flip things around for the well-known Casino and slowly transition into the new 3.0 web by implementing new gambling technology applications that will add functionality and practicality for the user.

In the end, it is all about having fun.

The idea behind the changes was to keep up with the times: Prism Casino knows that people want to achieve more efficiency not only in the way they live or work, also in the way they entertain themselves.

As the strongest players in the entertainment industry, online casinos are forced to lead by raising the stakes and keeping up with what’s out there as far as technological advances. The 3.0 web is advancing towards more on-demand services that should practically act as personal assistants to help complete users objectives almost effortlessly.

For the online gambling industry this means being able to share information with your friends easily from the website, being able to play from any imaginable mobile device, instant access to promotion codes, instant game support -and overall- a much more simplified way to get you from Point A (wanting to play Casino Games and win some money) to Point B. (have you play in minutes and cash out your winnings without any hassle).

But what’s all that good for if you have not tried the site yet? Go to Prism Casino and play now! Don’t forget to join Prism Casino on Facebook and Twitter for live updates on promotions, money giveaways and more exciting Prism Casino news!

The Need to Go from Play Money to Real Money

Great casinos, such as The Virtual Casino, allow players to try out their games without risking any money. This is called the Play Money feature. When you gamble with play money you are not risking real money at the tables and the greatest part of this is that you can check out all the table games, slots and many other games for free.

A lot of players begin their online gambling experiences using play money and they manage to get a feel of the games and to improve their strategies and decide whether they like a certain casino or not. I know all of this sounds great but, in my opinion, there are certain disadvantages when players stick to their play money accounts for too long.

I absolutely recommend that players use them to get a feel of the casino, but in the long run you might prefer to start playing with real money, especially at multi-player games. Why is that? Because at the play money tables players do not care about how they wager as they have nothing to lose. Some players will throw in crazy amounts of money in just because they know there is nothing at risk. By witnessing this all the time you might decide that it is the way you want to play and once you enter the real money world you will be very lost.

Another downside to playing for play money is that you are not earning any money, you may dedicate hours to your games and, if you are actually really good, you could be missing out on a real opportunity to make real money.

My final advice on this is to try play money to start but once you start feeling more confident at online gambling, do not hesitate to move on to real money, unless you want to be stuck with no winnings and no real experience to improve your game.

A Break-Up Between Online Casinos and Online Poker? Part I

The online gambling industry is co-formed by online poker and online casino. When the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed in 2006 both parts of the indutry were opposing the ban un unison. Representatives from both, online poker sites and casino operators, spoke out in one voice. This was because the issue at stake concerned both of them, the right to gamble online from the comfort of your home.

The Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) and the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) filed cases against the UIGEA arguing that everyone should be free to gamble from the privacy of their homes and expected to overturn the UIGEA. However, it did not take long for the industry to realize that this issue had more depth to it and that it was not an open and shut case in their favor. As its next move, the online gambling industry started offering a deal with regulation and taxation of both online poker and online casino.

It was only when the online poker sites realized that they had a different card to play in this argument that the online gambling industry faced a rupture. Online poker sites began pushing an argument forward that did not apply to online casino sites. The PPA began to make big stress in the skill factor of poker. Poker is being promoted as a game of skill, the PPA does not argue that there is no element of luck, but they claim that skill plays a greater part in poker and that a good player will consistently succeed in the long run. They have also made some scientific studies that prove this and helps them in prosecutions against land based poker players.

This is an argument that online casinos cannot use because in games like roulette, slot machines and craps are completely dependent on luck. Even games like blackjack and video poker which have some skill into them are mostly based on luck. Also, the fact that players gamble against the casino and not other players which takes even more away from this argument for online casinos.

Come back to the blog tomorrow to read about how a rupture within the online gambling industry would affect online casinos with financial concerns and the UIGEA.