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Product Released to Combat Problem Gambling

In the past we have talked about how problem gambling is one of the main concerns when it comes to considering the legalization and regulation of online gambling. Many legislators still fear that legalizing online gambling will openly support addictive behaviour and this will lead to an increase in the number of people who have to face social and financial crisis because of their gambling.

The good news for this is that a device now being marketed by Techlink Entertainment called Gameplan could be the solution for this. Gameplan was selected by Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation to empower players to gamble responsibly at authorized video lottery terminals (VLT). The VLTs that will participate in this programme are required to install the software from Gameplan, then the plug and play device is inserted into whichever terminal the player is wagering on.

The device will track the wagers and the results and keep players aware of their gambling patterns on a continuous basis. The objective is for players to get a reality check and they will also be different options available to players based on the money-management criteria they enter into the device. For example, players can program the device to limit losses during a gambling session and the device will lock the player out of all the participating VLTs.

Players also have the option to set a time limit on their wagering sessions and also to be prevented from playing any particular day. There is also a “self-exclusion” option that the player can setup from 1 to 3 days.

“Three independent research firms, two Canadian and one from Las Vegas, agreed that our product has a positive impact on gambling behavior. Providing players with the right information and tools is critical in helping them gamble responsibly.” said John Xidos, President and CEO of Techlink Entertainment when describing the background development of Gameplan. He pointed out that Gameplan was the only solution available today that has been backed through extensive field-testing and research.

Currently, the Internet Gaming Study Committee is examining the product for its effectiveness at online casinos.

Two Companies Release Fraud Detection Software

Recently, online casinos have been fearing some casino players who have attempted to use fraudulent means when depositing at casinos. Amongst the methods that these players tend to use are fake credit cards or credit cards with inadequate limits to deposit funds. The biggest danger is that many of those players have tried to withdraw the money before the fraud is detected. Some sketchy players also usually charge back the transaction so that their credit card company does not bill them and then try and withdraw the funds from the casino.

Online casinos have always been concerned with fraud and most of them ask their software providers for efficient tools to detect it. Often, the software providers engage expert services to prevent and detect fraud in online casinos.

Luckily, two software providers have taken the first step and announced recently developed upgraded systems for detecting device based fraud. One of the software providers is GTECH G2, a group that is a reputed provider of online gaming services, and they have entered a partnership with Iovation on order to provide more innovations to their software MarginMaker. With this, online gaming operators will be able to use MarginMaker to manage the fraudulent use of cards at online casinos.

Iovation is in charge to check that the credit or debit card number and the identity numbers of the computer that the player is using and keep them in a database. If any of the information provided by the player connects with an earlier fraud, the details of which are entered in the database, then the transaction is immediately aborted and the database updated.

“The service provided by Iovation has proven itself to be extremely successful for so many companies in the online betting industry – it absolutely makes sense for us to include it in our fraud management process.” said Predrag Popovic, Chief Technology Officer of GTECH G2 and CEO of Finsoft.

For information on the other fraud detecting update release, check our blog tomorrow.

Two New Products Promise to Revolutionize Online Gambling Security

Chocolate Consulting is a specialist consultant in the online gambling industry. They have come together with VeriSign, an expert in security for internet services, to launch a new range of products designed to protect online gaming operators from direct and indirect costs that may emerge from account takeover and denial of services.

The companies announced that they will be launching two new products to make online gambling more secure. The first one is the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) which will be a clod based real time authentication system that will protect players from identity theft and unauthorized usage in their accounts. Another benefit that comes along with the VeriSign Identity Protection is that the costs of investigations of account takeover will be eliminated because with VIP that process will not even be necessary anymore.

VIP is a way to increase the lifetime value of a player and the trust within the online gambling industry. “The combination of security and customer trust makes VIP an ideal product for the online gaming industry.” said the head of business development at VeriSign, Phil D’Angio.

VIP is also available and adaptable to mobile phones for casinos that offer a mobile platform. Chocolate Consulting will be helping VeriSign to find a niche and market the product to online casinos.

The second product that the companies will launch is the VeriSign Internet Defense Network (VIDN) which will prevent DDOS attacks. Sometimes you may have tried to log into your favorite casino and found out the server is down, that is due to a DDOS attack. For casinos, this is not only upsetting but it represents losses of millions of dollars. DDOS attacks have become more sophisticated than they used to be and it is really hard to detect them, but with VIDN casinos will have a tool that has proven successful when detecting DDOS.

“At Chocolate we work with our partners to help them understand the online gaming sector and tailor their value propositions for market entry programs. With VeriSign we saw a great opportunity to bring security services into the sector that increase player trust and drive lifetime value,” said the director at Chocolate Consulting, Justin Fraser.