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Casino Games People Hate: It Happens

Believe it or not people feel hatred for basically anything and everything, even something as trivial as a game! Here is a small compilation of casino games people just can’t seem to like…

Online Scratch Tickets

Apparently people can’t seem to find comfort on scratching ticket virtually and love the thrill of the dusty scratch leftovers. Also it seems that people have the preconception that they can’t win with these online scratch tickets as they have not been printed ahead of time.


Although the history of the game of Keno takes us all the way to the beginning of the construction of the great wall of China (which by the way can be seen from outer space), the game is not a hit. I truly wonder how is it that it financed the whole construction of a wall that big if people don’t really like it?


Loved by many…hated by even more. The game of Roulette, as classic as it is, well…it is not very popular among casino games lovers, probably because it is too easy to play and the excitement doesn’t really measure up to what they are looking for, unless you play it on a land based casino with a whole bunch of people rooting for you on the table.


The card game of War has been around for ages. We have probably played it a thousands times since we were little, and that is the exact same reason people don’t enjoy this one in its casino game form. People think of this game as a child’s play and won’t give it the time of day when it comes to make a bet on it.

So there you have it, our list of the casino games people hate. Do you have an specific game you hate?

How to Enjoy the Variety of Slot Games

Today I want to write about a misconception that a lot of players seem to fall into while wagering at internet casinos, when a player makes a lot of money or a big win on a game they often continue playing that came for a very long time. This is done with the reasoning that because they have won a lot of money there, the game must have a higher payout percentage than others.

However, this is fallacious reasoning as online casino games are games of chance and there is a possibility that a player wins a lot of money on a game that has a lower payout percentage. If this is the case the player that has decided to stick to this game will probably see it in his losses in the future.

Games like roulette, blackjack and video poker often report the payout percentages of old and new variants so players often end up going for the high percentage ones. The problem starts in games like slot machines because average payout ratios are not usually reported. We advice that players who like to gamble in online slot games do not get stuck with one game but that instead they try out multiple options.

Another thing to pay attention to is that most slot games have average payout percentages between 94% and 96% which means that the other aspects of selecting slot games have a larger significance. We recommend that you pick the ones with big bonuses and variety is very important so an online slots player must try to wager on as many different slots as possible to enjoy the wide variety of online slot machine games that internet casinos offer (almost 70% of online casino games are slots and they offer a wide range of choices).