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Online Casino Gambling seen as Taboo on Facebook and Twitter

As social media websites like Facebook and Twitter take over the entire online realm, every internet-based industry is looking for ways to inject a little social networking into their services. Travel sites allow users to create profiles and share pictures, online shops give users the chance to show off what they have bought and how their outfits have been put together, and now online casinos are launching “social betting” games – but, so far, they’ve failed.

Some examples of this are travel sites which now allow users to create profiles, share pictures and talk to each other, as a result their number of users have gone up and they have gained popularity. Within the online casino world some online gambling sites are starting to offer social betting games but they do not seem to be very successful at it.

According to a report by EGR Magazine it was stated that “betting is simply not a social activity”. Often enough, betting online is compared to other industries like pornography in the form that it is a taboo. Internet casino gambling, unlike online poker and bingo, is almost a secretive activity amongst many of its users.

I believe that this is a result of mistaken ideas about addiction and underage gambling. Society, the government and other entities have managed to turn these issues into taboos instead of looking for a proactive solution to them. A big step forward has been the launch of government-run gambling websites and state lotteries which helped present casinos in a more clear light as it helps governments gain revenue that can be directed to the development of social programs.

It is important to make others realize that there is nothing wrong with online gambling, it is a hobby like any other hobby. I understand that sometimes I may not comment on my gambling activities because I do not want my friends to know the results (if I lose shame on me, if I win they want me to buy the drinks on Friday night lol) but the fact that I do it is not something that I believe should remain in the dark.´