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The Slot Machines Urban Legends

There are many urban legends about slots that people will like to believe are true. Some players will also like to believe that their lucky charm brings them luck and will always let them win. The sobering truth about slots is that they only pay out when they are supposed to. There is no secret formula to making these machines pay out all their coins to you.

A slot machine is a programmed game that is basically a computer with software that dictates when it pay outs. These wins are generated by a RNG (Random Number Generator) which randomly decides when a player wins. These programs are sophisticated and created by professionals that can’t even tell when a slot will pay out.

Here are some of the most told urban legends about online slots and live slots.


Many people believe that the location of a slot in the casino will determine if it is sure to be a winner. Some feel that the ones right at the front will never win as they are put there to “trick” the players into using bad slots. They will run around in circles looking for ones that haven’t been played or are in obscure locations. This is a waste of effort and you can look quite silly running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Regardless of where the slot is, it will be programmed just like the rest. If a slot machine does happen to be paying off because it’s in the back where no one will ever play it, this is just your lucky day and the RNG has been hit. There is no connection between its location and pay outs that should ever be used to determine what slot you play.

The waiting game

One of the funniest and sometimes awkward moments in a casino is when you see a player stalk over another player like a vulture waiting for them to die. They feel that the person playing now will juice up the machine and once they leave, it will be their turn to win. They jump in the seat as soon as this person gets up as if it was the last chair on earth and start pumping the machines with coins.

Not only is this totally false, it is also quite rude. Again, the machine will not be juiced up and hit once you sit down. It will hit at a random time that no one can ever predict.


Some players believe that when they hit the buttons or click the buttons online a certain way it will trigger the slot to pay out. This is one of the more comical urban legends and can be considered to be borderline obsessive compulsive.

A slot machine is not a safe that can be cracked by entering a code. The way you hit the buttons will never determine when it hits a payout. You may feel better about doing this as it will likely fulfill your OCD needs, but that’s about as far as this method will go.

These are just a few urban legends about slot machines, but there are many more. The bottom line is that a slot machine will only pay out when it is supposed to according to its software. There is nothing you can do to make it win while you are playing it.

Share with us some of your favorite myths about slot machines. If you feel some are true, we’d like to hear about it.