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The best Virtual Casino Coupon Codes

To casino players, bonus hunting it’s like chasing prey: you go out on the internet wilderness hunting for bonuses, out to get the biggest, juiciest bonus available and why not? Bonuses are precisely the one thing that online casino sites give to players to reward them for their loyalty or simply so that you choose them over the many other online casino options that pop up every day.

For players who have perfected the art of selecting the best casino coupon codes by roaming the web and carefully comparing, this list will be a handy guide as to which Casino Coupon should you really go for at The Virtual Casino and why.

Here’s the best Virtual Casino Coupon Codes list:

  1. The Virtual Casino signup coupon code:
  2. For those signing up for the first time, The Virtual Casino has a great way to welcome players in the form of a 1000% Total Welcome Bonus. This bonus gets redeemed on your initial deposit and it represents a hefty reward for new members. Think of it as a “house-warming gift” for when you first come to the neighborhood at The Virtual Casino.  The bonus code for this promotion is 900NEWVIRTUAL

  3. The VIP bonus:
  4. The VIP bonus gives you access to even higher bonus amounts, unlimited number of redemptions and lower rollover requirements. Here’s how it works: You got 5 different levels of VIP status and once you’re in the first level (which is very easy to get to) you get the benefits just mentioned plus customer service staff that caters exclusively to VIP members and a special treatment which you can only get at The Virtual Casino.

  5. Daily promotions
  6. This bonus is kind of like the promotion created just to have an excuse to give away a bonus. Although there are tons of other bonuses available throughout the month, a daily bonus gives you 7 different chances to stretch your bankroll. This is especially helpful if you’re only getting started, get a bit overextended with the amounts you bet – like it happens to most of us mere mortals-, and end up needing a little boost for your casino funds balance. For Friday’s for example, you can use the bonus code FIESTA600 but to check on a daily basis you can always check out our daily promotions bonus codes here.

  7. Special promotions
  8. Remember when you were a kid and wanted all the candy at once? Well, you may not have gotten that candy but you can certainly feast on this banquet of special promotion bonus codes. The bonuses within the Special promotions released each month go for different bonus percentages and work sort of like “the flavor of the month”: some months you’ll get a special code for video poker only like VIDPOK250 which gives you 250% bonus on video poker only or the STREAK600 which gives you a 600% bonus.

How to keep up with all these bonuses? you ask but there’s no need to worry. To view what bonuses are available before you make a deposit you have a few options: you can check here at the blog, you can go to The Virtual Casino coupon codes page, or at different casino coupon code sites out there like which features an updated  list of the the coupons available at anytime. Now that you know what each promotion is for, you got to try one: download our Casino and redeem your next coupon today!