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Brand New Game: Bulls & Bears Arrives At Virtual Casino

Are you in any way familiar with the stock market? Buying and selling? Wall Street? If not, then, you might find RTG’s new online slot game a little confusing: what in the world does a bear and bulls have to do with stocks and a casino game? We are here to explain it to you and introduce this clever new slot game, currently available at the Virtual Casino.

Bulls & Bears is a very trendy and unique online slot game completely based on what the stock market is about, let us explain why:

On Wall Street, the bulls and bears are in struggling constantly:

The Bulls

A bull market refers to a great economy where there are job openings everywhere and the, gross domestic product (GDP) is growing steadily which means in consequence that stocks are rising. People should buy stocks during a bull market because they are going up. However this just can’t last forever and it might be dangerous if the stocks become overvalued. People that buy stock on this market believe their stocks will go up and they are called “Bulls”.

The Bears

When there is a bear market it means that the economy is not good, there is probably a recession, which means the stocks, and their prices are falling and it is really hard to pick what we might consider profitable stocks, short selling is common on this type of market. People that believe that stocks are going to drop their prices are called “Bears” because of the “bearish outlook” they have upon the market.

On Bears & Bulls slot game you will be able to experience what the stock market is and how it works in order to get your hands on the jackpot. You will buy, sell and interact with bulls and bears equally and with attention and strategy you will make sure you get your hands on the precious cash prize. Are you ready to give it a try? The game is available now at the Virtual Casino.