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Baccarat is a classy and elegant game offering glamorous payouts and a very low house edge. Baccarat in all its elegancy is still very easy to learn and master. The goal of Baccarat, whether you bet on the Player's or Banker's hand, is to predict which hand will get closest to nine points. If you are indecisive as to which hand will get closer, you have the option to bet the two hands will tie. Join the glamour and enjoy all the luxury of being a part of the elite!

How to Play:

In Online Baccarat, you are neither the Player nor the Banker, you simply bet on the hand you think is going to score closer to nine. You can also bet both hands will tie. The bets are placed before the dealing of every new hand. A game is automatically won if the bet was placed on a natural, which is a hand of eight or nine points. If both hands have the same point value, then the bet gets pushed back to you. These are the point values:

Cards 2-9= face value. 10's and Face Cards= 0 points. Aces= 1 point

Game Controls:

Once you enter the Baccarat game from The Virtual Casino lobby, you will see the empty table in front of you along with 5 casino chips laid out on the table's border. The value of each of the chips you will see is $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500. You will be able to select the amount you would like to bet on each hand by clicking on those chips, depending on the size of your playable bankroll. If you would like to bet $40 on your next hand, you would simply click the $25 chip once, and then click the $5 chip 3 times to bring the total chip count placed in the betting box to $40. To remove chips from your bet, you simply click on the chips already placed in the betting box and they will be removed and placed back in your bankroll.

(NOTE: you can only remove chips from your bankroll before you have dealt the hand. Once the deal starts, all bets are final.)

Below is a brief description of each of the buttons found at the game of Baccarat.

Deal: The deal button is used to initiate each game of Baccarat. Once the deal button is pressed, the game has started and all bets are on.

History Tab: The history button is displayed on the left-hand side of the table. This tab will display the hand history for the game.

Cashier Button: The cashier button will take you to the casino cashier where you can make deposits, request withdrawals, redeem bonus coupons and view your account history.
Rules Tab: The rules button is displayed on the left-hand side of the table. This tab gives you the general rules of the game.

Menu Button: The menu button allows you to choose your preferences for the game in regards to view, sound and card speed, and also allows you to view your account history directly from the game screen.

Help: The help button will take you to the RTG Baccarat page where you will be able to find the basic rules of the game along with Payouts and Point Values.

Back: The back button will send you back to the casino lobby and allow you to choose another game to play.

Game Tips:

Blackjack Tip 1: Baccarat is a game of chance, so don't get too distracted trying to keep score of who won the hands and with what cards. The History tab is useful to see have an overview of what has happened but you should stay focused on the game itself.

Blackjack Tip 2: Don’t bet on a tie. Even though the payouts for betting on tie are high, your chances of getting a tie are as low as 10%.

Blackjack Tip 3: If you want to play with lowest house edge, then you should bet on the Banker. The Banker’s house edge is only 1.06%.

Game Rules

Bet on Player pays even money.
Bet on Banker pays even money minus a 5% commission.
Bet on Tie pays 8:1
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