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Sic Bo is a game for those players who are seeking thrills, amusement and lots of action. Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game that is played with three dice and is so full of action that you will be up on your feet or at the edge of your seat as you play. Sic Bo is played with three dice and multiple bets can be placed at the same time, making the game a lot more exciting. Play Sic Bo now!

How to Play:

In online Sic Bo, the goal is to predict the value or values of the dice after they are rolled. You can bet on different numbers, combination of numbers and/or totals.

Game Controls:

Once you are at the table of Sic Bo, you will see the empty table in front of you along with 4 casino chips laid out on the table's border. The value of each of the chips you will see is $1, $5, $25, and $100. You will be able to select the amount you would like to bet on each hand by clicking on those chips, depending on the size of your playable bankroll and where you would like to place you bets. If you would like to bet $40 on your next hand, you would simply click the $25 chip once, and then click the $5 chip 3 times to bring the total chip count placed in the betting box to $40. To remove chips from your bet, you simply click on the chips already placed in the betting box and they will be removed and placed back in your bankroll.

(NOTE: you can only remove chips from your bankroll before rolling the dice. Once the dice are rolled, all bets are final.)

Below is a brief description of each of the buttons found below the Sic Bo table.

Roll: This button is used to roll your dice once all bets have been placed. Once the roll button is pressed, the game has started and all bets are on.

Repeat: The repeat button will allow you replay the same game as in the previous round. By pressing this button you are betting the same amount on the very same spots as in the last round played.

Clear: The clear button will remove all your bets from the table and start over.

Help: The help button will take you to the RTG Sic Bo page where you will be able to find general rules of our Sic Bo game along with Payouts and Point Values.

Back: The back button will send you back to the casino lobby and allow you to choose another game to play.

Game Tips:

Sic Bo Tip 1: Better your odds by scattering your bets througout the table.

Sic Bo Tip 2: If you stick to the bets that pay 1:1 youo will stay longer on the game.

Sic Bo Tip 3: If you are looking to win huge, bet on the three of a kind bets as they pay 180:1.

Game Rules

Sic Bo's payouts are all laid out across the betting table.
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