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Come and enjoy the thrills of quick rewards and huge payouts. Online Pick'em Poker is probably the easiest Poker game in the industry. On online Pick'em Poker, you get two cards to the left, and two piles of three cards. Pick one of the two sets and reveal all the cards behind, you win if those three cards plus the other two from the left make a winning poker hand. You can double your winnings in a Double or Nothing bonus round.

How to Play:

When you enter the online Pick'em Poker you will be dealt two cards and two sets of three cards. You can only see the top cards for each of the sets. Pick the set that you think would make a winning poker hand together with the two cards from the left. Each time you get a winning hand, you are given the option to double your payouts in a Double or Nothing Bonus Round. You win the Double or Nothing Bonus Round if you have a higher ranking hand than the dealer's.

Hand Ranks:

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pair
9's or Better

Game Controls:

In the Pick'em Poker game, the credit's value can be as low as $0.05 and as high as $5. You will have three casino chips with the following values: $5, $25 and $100. You will be able to select the amount you would like to bet on each hand by clicking on those chips, depending on the size of your playable bankroll. If you would like to bet $55 on your next hand, you would simply click the $25 chip twice, and then click on the $5 chip once. To remove chips from your bet, you simply click the Cash Out button and they will be removed and placed back in your bankroll. You will be able to see the payout table righ above the cards.

(NOTE: you can only remove the wagered amount from your bankroll before any cards have beem drawn. Once the deal starts, all bets are final.)

Below is a brief description of each of the buttons found below the Pick'em Poker table.

Bet One: The bet one button is used to select the amount of credits you wish to play according to the amount of money you have placed to bet.

Bet Max: The bet max button plays all your credits at once.

Draw/Deal: When the draw deal is pressed the game starts and you are dealt your 5 cards.

Cash Out: The cash out button returns all the money to your bankroll before the draw deal button is pressed.

Cashier Button: The cashier button will take you to the casino cashier where you can redeem bonus coupons, make deposits, request withdrawals and view your account history.

Menu Button: The menu button allows you to change the game settings in regards to view, sound and card speed.

Help: The help button will take you to the RTG Pick'em Poker page where you will be able to find the basic rules of the game along with Payouts and Hand Rankings.

Back: The back button will send you back to the casino lobby and allow you to choose another game to play.

Game Tips:

Pick'em Poker Tip 1: Know the game. Before playing with real money, take sometime to know and understand the game to make the most of it.

Pick'em Poker Tip 2: If you want big payouts you need to place bigger bets and if you play with bet max you may get up to 6000 credits.

Pick'em Poker Tip 3: Use the Double or Nothing Bonus Rounds carefully, as tempting as it is to have your winnings doubled, it can also leave you with nothing.

Game Rules

Please refer to the pay table displayed in the game. Payouts increase when you increase your bet per hand. The respective column will be highlighted in the pay table when you increase your bet per hand.
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