What kind of people frequent online casinos?



It’s a common question. Who visits online casinos? We’re not sure why it’s asked, to be honest. Everyone —almost everyone— plays online casino games these days. But we totally get it. Backtrack about a decade and everyone laughed at people who were into online dating. Today, it’s normal to meet people online—so normal, in fact, that if you told people you met your significant other at a bar, they’d look at you funny and ask, “Who does that?”

Today, when you ask yourself who are the people who frequent online casinos, you should really be asking, “who are the people who frequent Las Vegas casinos?”

The answer? Doctors. Lawyers. Dentists. Teachers. College students. Working parents. Accountants. Graphic designers. Writers. Waiters. Chefs. Sanitation engineers. Train engineers. Engineers in general. City planners. Politicians.

You name it. If the profession exists, chances are a person in that profession frequents online casinos. But this isn’t specifically about professions. It’s about the mindset that people are in to make them want to frequent online casinos. So here’s our list. Chances are you’re on it.

People who don’t have a casino in their own backyard

Not everyone lives down the street from Las Vegas Boulevard. Not everyone has an Indian casino around the corner, or a state-run casino that they can access whenever they like. In fact, 99% of people don’t. So, they turn to online casino games to enjoy some fun.

People who have a casino in their own backyard

Live in Las Vegas? Maybe you’d rather not hit the strip at 1am with a bunch of drunken tourists. Fire up an online casino app and you’ll get the same type of thrills without having to deal with crowds.

Soccer moms who want to have a little fun

Being a mom is hard. Driving kids to soccer practice. Taking the girls to dance class. Grabbing the groceries. Fixing dinner. Doing laundry. There really aren’t enough hours in the day. So when the kids hit the sack, sometimes all you want to do is relax. Playing casino games online can be a huge stress relief.

Working parents who want some mindless fun

Maybe you’re not a soccer mom. But that doesn’t mean you’re not busy. You could be working long hours. Maybe you’re a career man or woman. Or maybe you work a bunch of part time jobs. Whatever you do, one thing is for sure. At the end of the day, you just want to relax. Find your favorite online casino game and let loose.

College kids looking to make a little cash

Let’s face it. Playing online casino games is about more than having fun. It’s about making some money by hitting the jackpot or crushing the dealer. And college kids who need cash are finding that online casinos fit the bill. We’re not talking about rent money. We’re talking about some weekly spending money. And the smart college kids have a budget so they don’t jump over it.

Vegas fans who want to improve their game

Heading to Vegas any time soon? Maybe you’re on a flight right now (one with WiFi, no less). Or maybe you’re getting ready for a buddy’s stag. All you know is that when you sit down to play blackjack for the first time, you don’t want to mess up your run by not remembering whether you should split sevens against a dealer’s eight. Online casinos let you practice before you hit the Las Vegas strip, so you won’t look like a complete fool.

Why do you play online casino games? Let us know by commenting below. We’d love to know why you frequent online casinos and which games are your favorites.

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